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Why Not???

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alicia arenasThe Power of “Why not?”
Who would have thought that two simple words, when phrased as a question could contain so much power. Many courageous people asked themselves this question (most likely in the face of resistance) and the world has not been the same since.


Think about these statements and the passion with which people said them. Individuals and society believed these statements were 100% unshakably true. But we know differently today don’t we?


We can’t fly a man to the moon.”   Why not?

“The Earth cannot be round.”   Why not?

It is physiologically impossible to run a 4-minute mile. It can’t be done.“   Why not?

Mold will not be able to cure illness.“   Why not?

This question:

  • Moves the impossible to possible
  • Changes scientific certainties into mush
  • Turns long-term visions into reality
  • Transforms passions into vocations

“Why not?” for Business

We may be surrounded by well-meaning family and friends who fill us with doubt. We may have limiting beliefs so ingrained in our psyche that we are not even conscious of them anymore.

“I can’t pursue my dreams.”   Why not?

“I should never say ‘No’ to a customer.”  Why not?

“I cannot be less than perfect.”   Why not?

The question “Why not?” has an amazing impact on us personally and in business. In a business context, this simple question stretches us way beyond the borders of our comfort zone. It challenge us to face our fears. This question will help us demolish the barriers that stand in the way of what we want to contribute to the world. It can lead to creativity and innovation. It will move us from inaction to action. Asking ourselves “Why not?” will give us the strength and determination to push through.

Will You Take the “Why Not”Challenge?

I put out a challenge on Twitter. The challenge is this: throughout the week, ask yourself “Why Not?” When you hit a roadblock, when someone tells you that you can’t do something, when you need an extra push, ask yourself this powerful question. Participation is easy! Just let us know what happens. Leave a comment here on or Twitter and tell us what you were able to accomplish, what your new mindset was like, what your coworkers, family or friends said.

Will you take on the Why Not Challenge?




Alicia Arenas is the Founder and CEO of Sanera, The People Development Company. After 15 years of Fortune 500 HR leadership experience, Alicia left the corporate world to assist small business owners as a coach and consultant. She is master speaker and facilitator, earned her certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources in 2002 and has built a reputation around her highly creative and transformative training programs. She specializes in business development, branding, leadership, communication, social media and sales. In 2010 she launched Sanera Camp (, a six week business building “boot camp” for small business owners and sales teams. Alicia has been featured in and has written for the San Antonio Business Journal, her blog was listed in the Top 10 San Antonio blogs by WOAI and the San Antonio Business Media Public Relationships association named her the best Business Social Media Practitioner in San Antonio. In 2009, Alicia was one of five bloggers selected from around the country to audit the Disney Institute leadership courses and provide feedback to the Institute's executive team.

Contact for Alicia -
Phone: 1-888-954-4999
Twitter: @AliciaSanera




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