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Why Are We Often at Odds with Human Resources? (and how to fix it)

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If a poll was taken of 3rd party recruiters asking who is their biggest roadblock, it would be; human resource professionals.

This opinion has been pretty consistent for my three decades as a recruiting consultant.  On the other hand, many HR professionals have long shared a negative stereotype of recruiting consultants.

Every relationship in conflict or opposition is often based upon a lack of mutual understanding.  For us, we see HR as a barrier to what we do best. For HR, they see us as a rogue element trying to upset or seize the control they seek over hiring employees. This conflict seems endless but it can be stopped.

Every company has an internal hiring process, likely created by or managed by HR.  On the other hand, we provide an external recruiting process that can identify, qualify and recruit critically required people.  The conflict resolution lies in creating a weldment or conduit linking the power of both processes into a recruiting partnership that is mutually valuable. Once this is accomplished, much creative understanding will ensue and the mutually defeating conflict will end.

Here are some steps to create that trust bond with HR:

·         Stop ignoring them, even if you can. Call the HR person within your client and introduce yourself.

·         Clarify your respect for their internal hiring process and explain the increased potency of joining what each of you do so well into a recruiting partnership.

·         State your intentions of working on the most critically required candidates. They are quite capable of finding resumes on job boards, scouring the Internet and internal recruiting. Encourage HR to use you only when these avenues cannot find the candidates sought.

·         Create an understanding of your external recruiting process. Many are surprised at what we do and its added value.

·         Guarantee that you will keep them abreast of each step taken and any actions required.

·         You will likely meet resistance particularly regarding contact with hiring managers. Suggest a three-way call to clarify issues essential to your mutual success and goals. Ask definitive questions that will best be answered by the key decision-maker.

Many recruiters persist in trying to compete with HR in steps they have mastered.  We must be trained and skilled in precise passive candidate recruiting or we frankly have little to sell now.

Extending the “olive branch” will work with HR professionals seeking the same end game, hiring the best qualified candidate. Some will not hear you. Some will.



Doug Beabout CPC CSP brings over twenty-seven years of expertise in top production, personnel services firm ownership, and industry training. His reputation for training excellence has placed him, repeatedly, as a guest speaker for the National Association of Personnel Services. Doug currently works with many state level associations as a featured trainer and speaker at several state conferences. He is a business consultant to many franchised and independent personnel services firms.

Doug is owner and president of The Douglas Howard Group, a personnel and training services company. Doug works a “desk” every day and he is uniquely qualified as a personnel services industry trainer. Many of his clients have put their net worth ON THE LINE to succeed in the personnel services industry and did as a result of his training and guidance.

Doug previously held the position of Vice-President of Training and Development for SRA International, Inc. for ten years and was responsible for the establishment and success of hundreds of personnel services firms and their staff members. Prior, Doug was owner and president of a successful contingency, temporary and retained personnel services firm for ten years in Dayton, Ohio. He gained his early placement experience as a personnel services consultant in an independent firm.

Doug’s professional experience started as an officer in Strategic Air Command. He was assigned to several B-52 bomber units throughout the continental U.S. and Pacific regions. Doug has a Bachelor's degree in Comprehensive Training and Education.

Doug has held the title of CPC; certified personnel consultant (NAPS) since 1981 and is included in several Marquis’ Who’s Who publications.

His websites, and detail many of his services to the recruiters in this ongoing War for Talent. 

Doug can be reached at his Destin Florida Search Consulting firm, the Douglas Howard Group, 850.424.6933Call Doug today at 850.424.6933 or email him at , he will take you to your highest billing goals.

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