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Twitter – Part One, Building Followers

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TODAY’S TECHNOLOGY TIDBIT- To tweet, or not to tweet

Twitter is considered a micro-blog, users have only 140 characters to answer the question, “what’s happening”? Twitter pages are talking about anything and everything: company acquisitions, mergers, promotions, and open positions, just to name a few on the business side. The 140 character limitation is restrictive, however, you can include a link to your website and/or mention the other social networks where your business can be found.

Establish the right voice.Twitter users tend to prefer a direct, genuine, and of course, a likable tone from your business, but think about your voice as you Tweet.

First step is to set up your account – Twitter recently updated their site, so make sure you’re on the new Twitter page. On the top of the page select Profile, click Edit your Profile located on the left side of the screen. Setting up your profile is fast and easy. For a more creative look, click Design and find a unique background to personalize your profile.

Now you need followers. The best way to find followers is to follow someone else who in turn, may follow you. I am building my followers using this technique and it works very well. On the top left of your Twitter page select, Who to Follow. Use the search box at the top of the page and type in specific keywords. Keep it very broad, realizing information on profiles in Twitter is very limited (example: recruiter, engineer, manager, etc). Simply click Follow to the right of each name.

There are three other selections when building your followers: View Suggestions, Browse Interests, and Find Friends, and all a very simple to use. I especially like the Find Friends option because, in seconds, you can send a request to people using Twitter who are already in Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail/Messenger, AOL, and most importantly – LinkedIn network.

On the right of the Who to Follow page, find Invite Friends. I have pages of recruiter email addresses and even more candidate addresses. These are candidates from job boards that I have worked with, or attempted to work with over the years. Enter these email addresses into the search box, separated by a coma, and an email will go out to them, requesting to follow you on Twitter. Again, a very fast and simple way to increase you followers.

If you are interested in aggressively expanding your followers, go to: Select Add Yourself to WeFollow. Fill in the information, check Update my Twitter url to be my WeFollow profile and you’re ready to go. Enter a keyword in Enter a tag to find hundreds of people to follow in hundreds of different areas. In no time you will be able to build a very respectful following on Twitter.

Twitter users have developed short-form syntax to make the most of 140 characters. Here are the fundamentals.

· Mention
Once you've signed up and chosen a Twitter username, you and others can mention an account in your Tweets by preceding it with the @ symbol, eg: "Glad your shipment arrived @janesmith!"

· Retweet
When you see a Tweet by another user that you want to share, click Retweet below it to forward it to your followers instantly.

· Message
If you want to privately Tweet to a particular user who's already following you, start your Tweet with DM or D to direct-message them, eg: "DM @joesmith234 what is your order number?"

· Hashtag
Users often prepend # to words in their Tweets to categorize them for others eg: "Check out our new products for the Fall: #fallsale" Think of hashtags as the theme of your Tweet. Users can then click on a hashtag to see other similarly-themed tweets and find yours in search.

Best Practices

Build your following, reputation, and customer's trust with these simple practices:

  1. Share. Share photos and behind the scenes info about your business. Even better, give a glimpse of developing projects and events. Users come to Twitter to get and share the latest, so give it to them!
  2. Listen. Regularly monitor the comments about your company, brand, and products.
  3. Ask. Ask questions of your followers to glean valuable insights and show that you are listening.
  4. Respond. Respond to compliments and feedback in real time
  5. Reward. Tweet updates about special offers, discounts and time-sensitive deals.
  6. Demonstrate wider leadership and know-how. Reference articles and links about the bigger picture as it relates to your business.
  7. Champion your stakeholders. Retweet and reply publicly to great tweets posted by your followers and customers.
  8. Establish the right voice. Twitter users tend to prefer a direct, genuine, and of course, a likable tone from your business, but think about your voice as you Tweet. How do you want your business to appear to the Twitter community?

    Resources: Twitter for Business -

    Good luck with your searches.




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