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Tidbit 11 - Search MySpace

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Carol MartinThe most effective way to search MySpace is Site:Search. Again, we will be tapping into the Public Profile. MySpace will not have the candidate information like LinkedIn, but searching for specific titles and companies can surface valuable contacts. Another advantage, an email can be sent to most MySpace members. Membership is required. It is not necessary to add extensive information, just the basics.                

We will do a relative broad search: “Tyson Foods” quality

There are 186 results. Use keywords to narrow the search.

Click on the contact name and scroll down. The information you need is located at the bottom left of the profile page.

In most cases, the send email option is located either under the picture or at the top right of the screen. Copy and paste your information into the box and send.

It’s a bit time consuming to search MySpace, but if you are looking for something very specific, it a good place to search.





Carol M. Martin CPC, CIR, CSSR** has been an Executive Recruiter for 24 years. Her company, Martin Management, Inc. was created in 1988. The first ten years of business were food industry, manufacturing job orders, from Production Supervisor to Vice President of Manufacturing. The company then evolved to supplier(working only the candidate side)in all manufacturing industries, filling operations positions as well as all types of engineering titles.
Carol holds a BA Degree in Communications from the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point.

You can Reach Carol at her site :

Invite her to join you on LinkedIn

Or join her LinkedIn Group - Internet Recruiting Toolbox - Share internet recruiting tips, training, and strategies.

CPC - Certified Personnel Consultant
CIR - Certified Internet Recruiter
CSSR - Certified Social Sourcing Recruiter

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