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The Video Resume is So Yesterday - why it will never take off

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The Video Resume - the oh so wanna be popular, but just hasn't made it off the ground video resume.. So many people want to buy into it; There are some who have spent many a pretty dollar hoping that the video will take off but to no or little avail.  Why? Why won't the what appears to be so "friendly" not take off as well as many had projected?

Is it the legal?  Well, sure the EEOC, ADA, OSC and all the other Alphabet Government Agencies all have AS Much concern as the OFCCP with how Companies review,  and manage the Video Resume; or the issues of Potential Adverse Impact -- but, is the legal implications the real reason that Video hasn't taken off?  No, the reason that they (the Video) will Never become popular, or successful, is because of one Very Important and Crucial factor – The People.  The world may just not be ready for the resume as yet, as it may be for the interview.

For the moment,  Let’s take away the legal jargon, and not even worry about those Government Agencies for a bit here.. instead  let’s step into the mind and shoes of the following –

1 – Michelle is a WASP, over 40, she just hasn’t been able to get rid of the weight since the birth of her kids.  She has had some trying times over the years, and her age shows, and she never could afford to fix her teeth.  She is darn good at what she does in her job, but people do keep saying how pretty she would be if she would lose that weight, and get the Gap fixed..

2 -  Mark is an Inside Customer Service operator, great guy, wins lots of awards doing the job and doing it well, but, he is blind – unfortunately companies don’t realize that a 30 dollar tool allows him to use the computer just as well as the person who can see.

3 – John, is in a Wheel Chair, and disabled, but, he is one Heck of a Sales Guy.  Won a few cruises in the past. Always makes the presidents club

4- Hasheen is great candidate - had been working as an engineer for 10 years at a fortune 50 - he has a heavy accent, which unfortunately is hampered even more with his heavy tongue. He is also very religious and wears his religious garments. He is an American Citizen, came to America when he was 6; Unless one asked, one would not be aware of that.

5-  The Recruiter, or H.R manager like myself, who just is having a heck of a time to go through the 300+ resumes they get a DAY, and finds that the time to review Video, is just too burdensome.

6 – The individual who just doesn’t have time to update a Video Resume, doesn’t have the tools to do one.. (some can’t afford a computer far less the gear to be able to create and Upload a resume), or even the ability and knowledge how to do one and do one that works, and again the knowledge of how to upload one on a computer

7 - In regards to time what are the benefits anyway. Who has the Time and patience to review Minutes of resumes, considering that the Average time to Review a Traditional Resume is less than 20-30 Seconds ? Video Resumes are time consuming, difficult to be able to fast forward or rewind to particular areas; Not to mention that if one does this the chances of missing pertinent information is more likely to happen.

There will be the Michelles', Mark's, John's, Mary's and many more Candidates, who just want an EQUAL playing field to Get that interview.  They know that there are companies who just cant see past their age, religion, race, handicap or even an Accent.   They know that they have a better chance, and opportunity to gain the interview if they use the Paper Resume.  Just get that interview, and they will be able to demonstrate their abilities.

 So will the people who are overweight, unattractive, stutter, have visual physical defects, or character issues that in Video may be considered a flaw, yet, if they are met in person, they are always able to sell themselves as a person, but unfortunately they never get past the first 30 seconds on a video Resume

With an interview someone is able to have an opportunity to come in, and determine if the company chose not to hire them based upon discrimination. They knew that they were selected for interview due to their skills.  Thus they have a better opportunity to say, hey, how come I wasn’t hired even though it was determined via the interview that my background was specific to the requirments presented to the job criteria

With a video Resume, unfortunately that opportunity is lowered. How can I prove that it was my picture or appearance that you disliked.. that was why I wasn’t selected?

 Let’s use me as an example.  My last name is Mattonen, so one instantly assumes that I am a White Female, and probably American. (I only recently received my citizenship).  It is universally acceptable to have my career history to show only the past 10 or so years.  I don’t have to display the years of Graduation from college or high school on my resume.. and I won’t -   Re OFCCP, nah, I don’t worry to fill out that form because I do want to have just as equal a chance as the next guy or gal who is applying for the job to get that interview.  Please only review my experience, and me the person – don’t base your decision on my diversity.

Getting the Interview, well that is one Step Closer for the possibility to get that job.  It is the Interview that one’s has the chance to really make the best impression, and people will eventually overcome that first initial impression and See you the person..  And if it doesn’t,  it allows you the Candidate at least an opportunity to Prove a Case for discrimination if one was not hired based upon discriminatory reasons.

Another huge issue we would be remiss in mentioning? - The future potential for other problems may arise when individuals may not choose to submit a video resume due to concerns of discrimination.. If they did become a norm then automatically it can easily be assumed that something may be "Wrong" with this particular candidate because they chose to send paper instead of video. it allows for instant forumlaton of subjective opinion rather than to focus on the objective qualifications.

Video resumes may appeal to many of the under 35 club.  Especially to those who are white, attractive, and physically beautiful or able.  Unfortunately, there are many who don’t fit those demographics.

It may be difficult for some to understand or empathize with these reasonable fears and concerns of the individuals who may fall into the demographics of the Diversity, Older or Disabled Candidate, but today, their fears are unfortunately still founded.

Do I see a continual future for video resumes? No, but for the video interview, after the candidate has been selected for their abilities, Yes! For sure, it will help reduce costs for flying individuals into interviews.. the potential is good there.. but pre selection.. how scary!



Karen Mattonen started a career in Human Resources when she served as a Recruiter for Snelling Corporation. Leveraging her tenure with Snelling, Karen founded Advanced Career Solutions in 1997 focusing on the  HVAC and Mechanical Construction industry. Her reputation for excellence is echoed in the satisfaction of clients and candidates she has serviced nationwide. Furthermore, Karen is esteemed for sharing her expertise in Recruitment Education, Ethics and promoting self-regulation for the Recruiting industry.

She has a new and future-oriented vision of what recruiting can and should become: a profession we can be proud of for its ethical standing, professional conduct and ability to build great organizations. Her doing-well-by-doing-right philosophy is shaking up the status quo in an industry that needs to be shaken. She does this with conviction, leadership, and a distinctive voice that cries out for change.

Outside of the HR community, Karen Mattonen has been cited by Microsoft as a resource in how to use Microsoft Outlook as an ATS. She has also served as the Marketing and Public Relations Director for the 3rd largest city in Utah.

Her passionate and tireless advocacy has led her to create HireCentrix - The Pulse of H.R, Regulation, Retention, Recruiting and Risk Management  Hirecentrix is a company dedicated to providing training to the HR, recruiting and staffing industries, which includes a special focus on the ethical and legal dimensions through offering a full service resource for individuals to share and communicate, obtain current and accurate information, acquire and provide education and learning within the quickly expanding, diverse and rapidly changing Recruiting and Human Resource climate.

Karen has achieved accreditation as a California Accredited Consultant (CAC) through California Staffing Professionals. She has also gained her Certified Staffing Professional Certificate (CSP) through American Staffing Professionals. (

Click here to reach Karen via email.


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