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Surviving an Active Shooter Event - DHS Active Shooter Preparedness Programs..

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Responding to an Active Shooter Crisis Situation- Active Shooter Preparedness Programs.

Surviving an Active Shooter Event. - Run - Hide - Fight..

Since 2004 there have been 154 Incidents involving Active Shooters in the United States. 31 In the last year alone.  53% were in the workplace.  17% in Schools, 17% in Public Locations like Malls, etc.. 6% in Religious Institutions.  New reality is we do need to be prepared.

The DHS  Active Shooter Action Plan training provides staff, and management  with tools to help protect themselves during the First Five Minutes of An Active Shooter incident before the police arrive.  It provides students the knowledge and skills to successfully handle an active threat event.  Developing   proficiency and attitude through hands on training to manage these situations.

Active Shooter: What You Can Do Course

DHS has developed an Independent Study Course titled Active Shooter: What You Can Do. This course was developed to provide the public with guidance on how to prepare for and respond to active shooter crisis situations.

The course is self-paced and takes about 45 minutes to complete. Upon completion of Active Shooter, What You Can Do, employees and managers will be able to::

  • Describe the actions to take when confronted with an active shooter and to assist responding law enforcement officials;
  • Recognize potential workplace violence indicators;
  • Describe actions to take to prevent and prepare for potential active shooter incidents; and
  • Describe how to manage the consequences of an active shooter incident.

The online training is available through the Federal Emergency Management Agency Emergency Management Institute

The training is targeted to reach a broad range of individuals, including managers and employees, so they can prepare to respond to an active shooter situation.

The Active Shooter course was developed by the Office of Infrastructure Protection through a collaborative process that included representatives from the Commercial Facilities Sector and FEMA EMI. Development also included consultation with the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

A certificate from FEMA EMI is awarded to participants who complete the course and pass a short final exam.

This is the second in a series of critical infrastructure cross-sector training courses; DHS announced the availability of IS-906, Workplace Security Awareness, in early March. Access IS-906 on the FEMA EMI Web site:

Active Shooter Workshop Series

Active Shooter workshops have already taken place in a number of U.S. cities and will continue to be held in a number of locations in the future. These scenario-based workshops feature facilitated discussions to engage private sector professionals and law enforcement representatives from Federal, State, and local agencies to learn how to prepare for, and respond to, an active shooter situation. Through the course of the exercise, participants evaluate current response concepts, plans, and capabilities for coordinated responses to  active shooter incidents.

If you are interested in future workshops, please contact

Active Shooter: How to Respond Resource Materials

DHS has developed a series of materials to assist businesses, government offices, and schools in preparing for and responding to an active shooter. These products include a desk reference guide, a reference poster, and a pocket-size reference card.

Issues covered in the active shooter materials include the following:

  • Profile of an active shooter;
  • Responding to an active shooter or other workplace violence situation;
  • Training for an active shooter situation and creating an emergency action plan; and
  • Tips for recognizing signs of potential workplace violence.

 Available Materials

Options for Consideration Active Shooter Training Video

Options for Consideration demonstrates possible actions to take if confronted with a active shooter scenario. The instructive video reviews the choices of evacuating, hiding, or, as an option of last resort, challenging the shooter. The video also shows how to assist authorities once law enforcement enters the scene.

You may also access the video on YouTube.





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