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NLRB’s latest union bailout: quickie elections

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With union membership precipitously declining (it was less than 7 percent in the private sector last year), big labor has been desperate to expand its ranks by any means necessary.


When they couldn’t pass “card check” through Congress (which would have allowed them to rapidly unionize by intimidating workers into signing cards), they set their sights on the National Labor Relations Board, which Obama packed with union-friendly members. Today, the NLRB has come through once again. The Associated Press reports the labor regulatory board is set to issue new rules today that would speed up labor elections to make it easier to unionize.


As Peter Schaumber, former NLRB chairman, warned last week, “Imagine a political election in which only one party were given the opportunity to tell voters its side of the story, and could set an election date only days away, all without prior notice to the other side.”
Read more at the Washington Examiner:

 By Philip Klein/The Examiner

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