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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Fairest of them All?

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On two separate times in the past week, my inbox contained entries which centered around the image that the corporation puts forth to the marketplace. In each one to some degree the organizations involved forgot what their purpose is -- to acquire and maintain customers. To do that we need to have the "right person, in the right job, at the right time and in the right place."

Consider these events. The first involved a cheerleader on the Baltimore Ravens. She was banned from being part of the cheerleader team at the Superbowl because she put on a pound and a half in weight. The second I received from fellow blogger, Trish McFarlane. who posted a blog reference on LinkedIn. It involved a post from the Proactive Employer in which it was reported that based on a message from G-D the HR Manager of the organization was fired after two weeks because her same-sex relationship would not look good for the organization.

Every day I see rants from employers who say that they can't find the necessary talent to fill their positions and yet they become concerned with the answer as to whether they are the fairest in the world.

Trust me I know the arguments or have heard them before. When I worked in the corporate mobility world, the relocation management company competition was typically the beauty queen personage who would compete as much on the image as the solutions to the client's problems. But image does not necessarily help you find the right person for the right job in the right place at the right time. It may even be detrimental to your organization under ADA.

So the next time you have a position available consider these matters of fact for sourcing the candidate for that opening:

1. It is what they can do for you, not what they look like that is important - We are in a very competitive, rapidly changing business world. It is far more important to consider what Knowledge Performance Indicators they can bring to the table. It is not the time to select a person on the basis on whether they can compete for Miss America tomorrow.

2. Your needs are here and now in your business - Your sole concern should be finding a person with the right skills for that open slot. You can go out and hire that stereotype glamor individual and still not get the skills necessary to help the organization through these difficult economic times. He or she may lift the spirits of some of your employees but that may not mean that you are now more innovative or competitive.



Daniel T. Bloom is the founder and Managing Partner of Daniel Bloom & Associates, Inc. Founded in 1980, DBAI is a Largo, Florida based human Capital consulting firm. Serving corporate clients nationwide, we have assisted organizations from small real estate firms to members of the Fortune 1000 with various human capital related issues.

DBAI services three niche markets with services to assist organizations to maximize the human capital assets of the organization.

The first niche is comprised of those organizations with fewer than 100 employees who either do not have or never had a human resources department and now find them selves in need of expert counsel on human capital issues. We in essence become their HR department but on a retained basis where they can call us as the need arises.

The second niche market are those corporations with a small HR staff who have an urgent need for specialized human capital services and we can provide the expertise to complete the application of these services on a timely and cost effective basis.

The third niche is strategic human capital project completion for the large corporations on a divisional basis.

The service package of DBAI includes, but is not limited to, the areas of talent management, training, vendor management, policy design, relocation management, process improvement and EEO.

A resident of Florida since 1980, Mr. Bloom was an executive recruiter with several contingency recruiting firms in the metropolitan New York market, a member of the internal HR staff of the ECI Division of E-Systems (Now Raytheon), a licensed real estate broker providing relocation services to corporate clients, an educator and since 1980 a Human Resource Consultant. He is a national member of the Society for Human Resource Management, Worldwide ERC (the corporate relocation trade association), and the American Society for Quality. In addition he is a member in the Tampa Bay area of American Society for Training and Development, Tampa Bay Metro Business Leadership Network and the Tampa Bay Executive Forum. In addition he serves on the Expert Panel for the Round Table Group in the area of human resource issues.

Mr. Bloom received a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from Parsons College majoring in Education and Certification in Six Sigma from St Petersburg College. He holds certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources from the Human Resource Certification Institute, a Senior Certified Relocation Professional from Worldwide ERC and a Six Sigma Black Belt from St Petersburg College.

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