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Law may limit boss' access to social media

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EEOC wrestles with social networking sites in proposed GINA regulations - The EEOC has joined the ranks of those who are trying to figure out

exactly how the Internet - personal and social networking websites, in particular –fit into the antidiscrimination landscape. In March, the EEOC posted its proposed regulation  implementing Title II of the Genetic Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 (GINA), specifically requesting comments concerning the “commercial and publicly available” exception to GINA’s prohibition against employer requests, requirements or purchases of genetic information about an employee or his or her family member.

GINA’s exception comes into play “where an employer purchases documents that are commercally and publicly available (including newspapers, magazines, periodicals, and books, but not including medical databases or court records) that include family medical history.” (Sec. 202(b)(4)). The proposed reg expands on the sources excepted from the prohibition by adding “through electronic media, such as information communicated through television, movies, or the Internet.” (29 CFR Part 1635.8(b)(4)).

The agency invited comments about sources similar to those identified in the statute, such as personal websites or social networking sites, which might contain family medical history that should be included either among the excepted sources or the prohibited sources, such as personal websites or social networking sites.

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