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Is 2011 Ready for ME!

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This is the time of year when we start to think about what we want to achieve in the year ahead.

We set our goals and resolutions only to find that most fall short of what we were so determined to do.

So what started this blog?

I spontaneously sent out a replying tweet out to @PinkOliveFamily – (Susan Kang Nam) saying “is 2011 ready for me? :)”

Talk about fate or karma! Susan inspired me to think some more about that tweet and she is good at getting you thinking. I am sure we started a conversation that will last!

So what did I mean?  Here is my reply!

  1. 2011 will not be the same as 2010. I remember not achieving many of the things that I wanted to because a number of things stopped me along the way.
    I have learned that my Instincts, knowledge and awareness give invaluable insights that must not be ignored or set aside and must be reinforced so that I can overcome those constraints.

  2. Some of the special people I met in 2010 have encouraged me to use my gifts.
    I will remember that being inspired by friends is a gift of itself, and that I must use them for good purpose and thus 2011 will see me attain achievements not attainable before.

  3. I remind myself that I am accountable for what I do, and to be accountable means having the courage and persistence to do things when others are uncertain, are not in agreement or tell you that what you say is not popular.
    I need to reflect that to think differently and to challenge is not so bad and is indeed necessary for change, and I am encouraged to continue to do so. To do other is to maintain the norm.

  4. That a “can do attitude” is not only essential but also critical to business today and it matters not that others say,  “it’s not my job”.
    That my talent to see what is possible is not so common and must be utilized.

  5. That to think differently about how my profession must grow is essential.
    I know that a different approach offers much richness and inclusiveness in the conversation, and not to make my voice heard productively would be to diminish the profession and myself.

  6. That passion and voice when combined offers an edginess which makes others uncomfortable.
    And know that passion and voice together are necessary to achieve new thinking

  7. That conversations need to include different opinions to gain new understanding.
    That differing opinions provide a basis for positive conflict and airing of differences and that those differences will bring together common understanding.

In writing this I am mindful that many others could have written it with similar sentiments

 So let’s look forward to 2011 indeed lets welcome the year in with open arms and minds.



It is an oft-repeated principle that an organization is only as strong as its people, and this holds true whether the organization is a profit-based multinational or a community-focused non-profit agency. But it is not enough to attract and retain top caliber talent. The organization must have the business fundamentals, the culture, the structure and the leadership to ensure that quantifiable, bottom-line results can be delivered now and over the long term.

That is where I come in. I have helped organizations in a wide range of sectors become more competitive, more productive, more creative, and more client-focused, by building teams that are strategic, value-driven, business-savvy and partnership-modelled. I am a passionate believer that a company that lives and breathes its vision, mission and values is not only stronger and more agile on a business level, but is a place where people and teams are naturally inclined to deliver to their maximum potential. My strength as an HR Executive is my ability to recognize and challenge ingrained assumptions and patterns of operation that aren’t productive, and offer practical, cost-effective and value-based solutions.

I have steered hundreds of organizational changes, from small procedural shifts that immediately improve efficiency, to the complete build-out of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that not only required all new equipment and workflows, but called for a complete re-engineering of employees’ ways of thinking about their work. As such, I know what it takes to rally employees and stakeholders around an innovative concept or vision, and to translate it into a pragmatic, workable on-the-ground solution that makes good business sense.

Peter Lanc is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, Has a master degree in Human Resources and a Bachelors in Business Administration and Human Resources.

Peter is working on leadership and engagement projects and is available for relocation.

You can find Peter Lanc on

His blog :



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