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  • Don't bother me with the details, I don't care

    Have you heard these words or something similar within your organizations? I recently returned from Las Vegas, where I conducted a three day review seminar for a national certification exam. During the course of the three days there were several instances where one of the participants said in regards to some legal situations that their management said

  • Getting the most from your Relationship with a Search Firm

    Like any successful relationship with a consultant, working with a recruiter will be more productive when each party understands how the other works.

    When choosing a recruiter, look for someone with a proven track record within your industry.

  • No Protection to Employees Who Disclose Employer Wrongdoing to the Media

    A federal appeals court has ruled that anti-retaliation provision found in the corporate governance law known as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act ("SOX") does not protect employees who disclose potential legal violations to the media. In the case of Tides v. Boeing Company, two Boeing internal auditors were fired after admitting that they provided internal company information to a newspaper reporter. They later sued, claiming that their termination was illegal.

  • The NLRB Takes Its Internet Battle to a Non-Unionized Workplace

    On May 9, 2011, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued a complaint alleging that Hispanics United, a Buffalo non-profit that provides social services to low-income clients, violated the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) when it fired five employees after they used Facebook to criticize working conditions. 

  • New Philadelphia Law Restricts Criminal Records Inquiry On Employment Applications

    On April 13, 2011, Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter signed the Fair Criminal Screening Standards Ordinance, which will change both the application and screening processes for entities with employees working in Philadelphia. This ordinance will become effective on July 12, 2011.

    The new law establishes limits and requirements for the screening of criminal records by certain Philadelphia employers,

  • Over 24 Pending Lawsuits Involve Facebook Firings

    Firings over things posted on the social network form the basis of about two dozen pending lawsuits in the U.S., including many championed by the National Labor Relations Bureau.

    That doesn’t include two settlements — because they settled out of court,

  • Considering A Job Applicant's Prior Bankruptcy Filing During The Hiring Process


    A recent decision from the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit affirms a private employer's right to deny employment to a job applicant on the basis of the applicant's previous bankruptcy filing. This particular holding only impacts private employers in Alabama, Florida and Georgia. However, the Eleventh Circuit now joins

  • Should You Worry About Stagflation? Threat Rears its head

    Inflation hawks say if the United States continues its current path, stagflation could return


    In November 2010 when the Federal Reserve launched its latest round of quantitative easing—known as QE2—it cited concerns that without more stimulus, the country could slip into a deflationary environment of falling prices.


    altTrained as a psychologist and professional mediation, I often see one of the biggest general problems in the hiring process as a natural tendency is to hire

    People We Like, or
    People who are like us

    Certainly we want to work with people who we think would be easy to get along with.

  • NY - Disabled Department of Finance Staff Targeted for Layoff File Lawsuit

    Disabled Department of Finance Staff Targeted for Layoff File Lawsuit in New York Supreme Court Charging Violation of City’s Human Rights Law

    District Council 37, which represents workers, says DOF layoffs disproportionately impact the disabled

  • Psychometric and Profile Tests – Are they worth it?

    altNearly every week a company president or hiring executive asks us if we use any form of psychological or psychometric “evaluation test”.
    Our answer: “Yes”.
    When the company official then asks “Which brand test do you use?” they are usually surprised by our response: Our own.

  • Understanding Performance vs. Potential

    Every June, Major League Baseball drafts (selects) 1500 players from high schools and colleges across the US and Puerto Rico. It is important to understand that this player pool of 1500 is a very select group as it represents an extremely small percentage of the total population of players who play high school and college baseball.


  • Study: Workers, firms benefit from paid sick leave

    TRENTON, N.J.  : Providing paid sick leave for all New Jersey workers would provide public health benefits as well as financial benefits for businesses, a study found.

    Rutgers University's Center for Women and Work, which released the study findings on Thursday, found more than 1.2 million private sector workers in New Jersey don't get paid sick days.

  • Six rising threats from cybercriminals

    Watch out for these cyberattacks that can turn smartphones into texting botnets, shut off electricity, jam GPS signals and more

    - Criminal hackers never sleep, it seems. Just when you think you've battened down the hatches and fully protected yourself or your business from electronic security risks, along comes a new exploit to keep you up at night.

  • Foreign Workers with “Specialized Knowledge”

    In today’s economy, vast numbers of people work for international companies that have offices all over the globe.

    These include tens of thousands of foreign-born workers who are employed by companies overseas that have a parent, subsidiary, branch, or affiliate in the United States.

  • Recruiters: You’re Worth the Fees You Charge!

    As a recruiter, I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard the expression, “fifty percent of something is better than one hundred percent of nothing.”

    To which I reply: Hogwash!

  • Five steps to creating a social media recruiting strategy

    I came across the results of another survey of human resource professionals the other day that outlines the increased use of and investment in social media recruiting. The survey also identified the decline of more traditional routes, such as job boards.

    The numbers were really nothing new.

  • California Mandatory Sick Pay Legislation Returns

    For several years now, members of the California legislature have proposed legislation which would mandate paid sick leave for private industry employers in California. The legislation is back in 2011, with a vengeance.

  • Background Checks and Employment Screening: What’s New?

    Employers have done some form of background checks or employment screening for decades. In the early days, it was mostly reference checking and resume verification. In the 1980’s and early 1990’s things started to get a lot more formal as vendors and providers began to offer pre employment screening as a service you could outsource. Prior to that, it was the risk manager or human resources department that did the background checks.

  • Recruiters: Are You A Hunter Or A Farmer?

    Participated in an webinars on "Strategies for Sourcing the BEST Sales and Business Development Candidates" and something that was stressed in the presentation was that it's pretty difficult to sell a salesperson, especially when you're trying to discuss an employment opportunity with a successful and seasoned sale pro.

  • Chicago must hire 111 bypassed black firefighter candidates, court rules

    The Chicago Fire Department must hire 111 bypassed black firefighter candidates — and distribute “tens of millions of dollars” in damages to 6,000 others who will never get that chance — a federal appeals court ruled Friday, upholding a landmark ruling.

  • TODAY’S TECHNOLOGY TIDBIT -Twitter – Part Two, Organizing/Expanding To tweet, or not to tweet

    Building a broad and relevant Twitter following takes time and strategy. In Twitter, part one, we looked at View Suggestions, Browse Interests, Find Friends, and WeFollow. Part two will focus on Twitter’s Advanced Search option and organizational tools.

    Twitter’s Advanced Search option can be found at  The search is very simple to use,

  • Workday Not Lengthened by At-Home Tasks under the “Continuous Workday” Rule, Second Circuit Holds

    Simply because an employee performs work at home does not mean that under the “continuous workday” rule all time spent commuting to and from work is compensable, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, in New York, has held. The Second Circuit has jurisdiction over Connecticut, New York, and Vermont.

  • Employee Handbook Guide - What should your Employee Handbook Include?

    An employee handbook is the most important communication tool between you and your employees. A well-written handbook sets forth your expectations for your employees, and describes what they can expect from your company. An employee handbook should describe your legal obligations as an employer, and your employees' rights.

  • In Plain Sight: Hidden Wastes which affect the viability of your HR organization Part 3

    In the previous part to this series we began to look at the various types of wastes which could be hidden within your organization. In part 3 we continue that review with a look at the next three types of wastes.

    Waste or Muda #4: Waiting

    Waiting of any kind means that the process has slowed down.

  • Keeping track of wages: The US Labor Department has an app for that!

    New timesheet app to help ensure workers receive all wages earned

    WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Labor today announced the launch of its first application for smartphones, a timesheet to help employees independently track the hours they work and determine the wages they are owed. Available in English and Spanish, users conveniently can track regular work hours, break time and any overtime hours for one or more employers.

  • HUMAN RESOURCES -Beware: Your job applicants may litigate

    I have three daughters who were active in job searching during high school who combed the Kempsville area for a job.  They inquired at small stores, franchises, and multiple restaurants – dozens of businesses.  As a concerned mom, I coached them as they struggled through the forms.  Some online applications asked for personal information that had nothing to do with the job tasks. 

  • Class of 2011 faces worst job market on record, EPI report finds

    The unemployment rate for young workers was the worst on record in 2010, a new Economic Policy Institute (EPI) Briefing Paper finds.  High school and college students graduating in 2011 will thus enter a labor market that already contains a backlog of un- and underemployed 2009 and 2010 graduates.

  • Lawsuit accuses Apple, others of fixing worker pay

    A new California lawsuit accuses Apple, Google, Adobe Systems, Intel, and other tech companies of violating antitrust laws by allegedly conspiring to fix employee pay, as well as working out "no solicitation" deals with one another.

    The suit (PDF), which seeks class action status, was filed today with the California Superior Court in Alameda County and alleges that because senior executives from Adobe, Apple, Google, Intel, Intuit, Lucasfilm, and Pixar "entered into an interconnected web of express agreements to eliminate competition among them for skilled labor," affected employees from those companies are entitled to compensation.

  • Levi Strauss agrees to pay more than $1 million in overtime back wages to nearly 600 employees following US Labor Department investigation

    Overtime violations found at retail stores nationwide

    SAN FRANCISCO — Levi Strauss & Co. has agreed to pay $1,011,413 in overtime back wages to 596 employees nationwide after the U.S. Department of Labor found that the company violated overtime and recordkeeping provisions of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

  • The Reluctant Recruit

    There are many techniques and strategies that can be used successfully for the direct recruiting of candidates. When properly executed these approaches allow an opportunity to quickly determine whether or not the targeted individual is both qualified for the open position as well as properly motivated to justify serious consideration.

  • US Labor Department recovers nearly $2.9 million in back wages for more than 500 contract employees of Stanley Associates and subcontractors including Westaff

    BOSTON The U.S. Department of Labor has recovered nearly $2.9 million in back wages for more than 500 employees of Stanley Associates Inc. and several subcontractors at various locations in St. Albans and Essex Junction, Vt.

    The subcontractors joining Stanley Associates Inc. as parties to this settlement include Choctaw Archiving, Federal Working Group Inc., Northrop Grumman Technical Services Inc., P/Strada LLC, SPS Consulting LLC, TAD PGS Inc., TDB Communications Inc. and Westaff. The companies employed workers under a contract for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Vermont Service Center.

  • Pathology vs. Retail

    altIf there is any business within the health care industry that includes elective procedures, they understand the differences in “patient vs. client” theory.  As a Business Development Manager for a large ophthalmic medical device manufacturer, I had the challenge of convincing doctors and their staff to learn and embrace those differences. 

  • Seventh Circuit Endorses EEOC's Expansive Subpoena Power


    Last Friday, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals issued a decision in EEOC v. Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. that will embolden "'The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission"-  EEOC's aggressive use of its investigatory powers to require production of evidence in a single employee charge that could support a more systemic investigation.

  • Gender-Based Wage Gap Persists, Experts Agree at EEOC Forum

    Panels of Speakers and Informational Fair Commemorate Equal Pay Day at Agency

    WASHINGTON—Gender-based wage discrimination remains a problem today and a percentage of the wage discrepancy cannot be explained by non-discriminatory factors, said government and private experts at a public forum held today at the headquarters of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

  • In Plain Sight: Hidden Wastes which affect the viability of your HR organization Part 2

    altIn Part 1 of this series we discussed the fact that every process has non-value added activities as part of the process. They are there because we have not looked for them and in order to be part of the solution we need to begin to look at our organization with the sole purpose in mind to locate, identify and remove the obstacles to us operating our organizations faster, better and cheaper.

  • Are you a friend, or just “friended?”

    altToday I was thinking about an interview I heard on NPR recently on social media networking. They were talking about an unfortunate incident that happened on Facebook, I think. Apparently, a woman wrote to indicate that she was considering suicide.

  • EEOC Sues Milwaukee Medical Staffing Agency for Pregnancy Discrimination

    altHCS Boss Ridiculed Maternity Leave as ‘Vacation,’ Fired Employee Seven Days After C-Section, Federal Agency Charges

    MILWAUKEE, Wis. – HCS Medical Staffing, Inc. violated federal law by discriminating against a pregnant employee and then firing her while she was on maternity leave, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charged in a lawsuit filed here today.

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