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  • Recruiters, H.R, Is MYspace YourSpace?

    altToday I read a couple of  interesting articles; but one that really got my attention was in the Boston Globe, where a candidate was asked about her personal profile in MySpace during an interview   - They didn't like her response regarding her profile and they did not hire her.

  • N.J. accent is the most hated by HR professionals

    Jersey ShoreAfter college, East Coast native Susan Bender Phelps, president of Odyssey Mentoring, moved to Southern California.

    Her first job was as a telephone solicitor selling solar hot water heating systems. After being on the job just two hours, her manager called me into her office and said, "You cannot talk to people like that! Your accent and the fast-talking are scaring people. Slow down and lose the accent, or you will not be able to work here."

  • Overqualified Workers May Be Less Likely to Quit Jobs

    Contrary to stereotype, study suggests they may actually stay longer in non-taxing jobs.

    THURSDAY, Dec. 16 (HealthDay News) -- A new study suggests that managers might fail to appreciate the value that overqualified workers can bring to their companies.

  • What should be your strategy for hiring Disabled workers?

    Given a chance would you hire Albert Einstein as your scientist or maybe consider FDR, Beethoven, or Thomas Edison?  These and are several of the famous people who had some form of disability

  • Who Killed Kenny The “Name Sourcer”?

    Leave it to the HireCentrix team to find the hottest topics in the recruiting and talent acquisition world today!!

    As of late, there have been increasing (and sometimes heated) debates and discussions in and around the globalization and commoditization of names sourcing today and

  • HR Looking for a Performance Boost? Learn to Embrace the Edges

    If someone asked you to draw your personal network, you'd probably start with your own smiling face at the center.  From there, you'd likely start drawing in those you're particularly close to (i.e. your "strong ties" or "1st degree"), with others (i.e. your "weak ties" or "2nd degree") moving toward the outer area of the picture. 

  • How to Choose the Right Recruiting Firm

    altI have been in the staffing and recruiting industry in North Carolina for over 20 years.  Throughout that time I have worked with companies large and small; those just starting out and those looking to expand.  I wanted to share with you some of the things I have found that take some of the challenges out of picking the right recruiting firm in North Carolina and around the country.

  • How not to win your Employment lawsuits

    dunceduhWoman charged with intimidating judge overseeing her suit against Seyfarth

    A Massachusetts woman who brought pro se lawsuits against Seyfarth Shaw and her former employer is facing criminal charges for a letter she sent to a Boston federal judge and statements she made on a YouTube video.

  • MySpace part 2 - But You Aren't Judge and Jury

    Last night there was a really interesting debate regarding this subject- some friends of mine and I were discussing the benefits of hiring individuals who share common activities, and are very similar background..

  • Are There Really Any Records in E-mail? - Many Companies Wish It Were Not So

    A Chief Information Officer from a large manufacturing company last month told me they had recently completed an internal record retention review and had declared that their e-mail system contained no records.

  • Find Your Passion and Make a Career Change

    Excerpt from WHAT SHOULD I BE WHEN I GROW UP NOW THAT I’M 40, 50, 60 by Patricia Noel Drain.

    Years ago, when I re-entered the job market after being a school teacher years before, I knew I was beginning a new chapter in my life. I wanted to make the right career choice, but as I looked through the want ads I became confused.


  • Gen Y "Enslaved" by Explosion in Unpaid Internships?

    According to the NY Times hiring is on the increase in one area at least: low-paid or unpaid internships. As a card carrying Gen Y myself, I didn’t need the newspaper to tell me that.

  • Curses, Foiled Again…by SHRM

    Leanne ChaseI’ve been following the build up, the actual convention and the aftermath of the Society of Human Resources Management’s (SHRM) recent annual convention.  I’m a skeptic.  You see a professional association that makes its money on certifying practitioners so they are well equipped to prevent lawsuits and fines for those that hire them,

  • Are High Performers the Worst Managers?

    I once wrote a post on The Peter Principle, which discussed a study finding that it's better to promote at random than promote high performers.

    At the time I was of the opinion that most people would prefer a competent manager to someone selected at random or because they have an executive sponsor. Upon mature reflection, however, I've partially changed my mind.

  • Judge Approves Federal Lawsuit against Wisconsin GLK Sauerkraut Processor for Wrongfully Firing 100 Mexican Guest Workers

    wagehourSuit says GLK sauerkraut processor recruited and then fired Mexican guest workers to avoid paying higher wages set by U.S. Department of Labor, ultimately stranding them in this country.


    The Bottom Line Value Of Work/Life Strategies ©

    This report is the work of CEBC's Work/Life Business Task Force as  approved by the Board of Directors and published in 1997 --  ( Sic... the information included is Consistent to the Today's Workforce Environment). The report urges employers to adopt work/life strategies based on substantial and growing evidence of positive returns to the bottom line, to employees and their families, and to society.

  • Immigration Audit Takes Toll Janitorial Firm Harvard Maintenance to Lose Over Half of Minnesota Work Force

    Harvard Maintenance Inc., a national janitorial company, will lose over half its Minnesota work force after an immigration audit, making it the second major business in that state to be hit by an Obama administration crackdown on employers of illegal immigrants.

    The audit by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement will result in about 240 workers losing their jobs, the Service Employees International Union said on Monday.

  • Circle the Wagons, the Indians are Coming!!!!

    danielbloomPresident Obama at a press conference in Hawaii referring to a question about the scandal at Penn State made the observation that protecting the innocent was more important than shielding institutions or organizations. I took in the premise and then looked at the daily RSS feed I receive from the EEOC and began to question the strategic moves many corporations are making in the marketplace.

  • New ADA Rules Provide Much Needed Clarification

    After a lengthy wait, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has issued final regulations and interpretive guidance for the Americans With Disabilities Amendments Act (ADAAA), the new disability law which was passed in 2008.

  • Oregon launches Wellness at Work

    Two years of collaboration between the Oregon Health Authority and business leaders has resulted in a new initiative called Wellness@Work. The initiative's

    Workplace wellness is important for workers to stay healthy, but also helps cut costs for businesses, especially welcome in the current economic climate. Healthy workers means less  absenteeism and lower costs for health care, disability and workers' compensation. While Oregon faces high unemployment and a budget shortfall, the state is spending 16% of the general fund budget on health care.

  • How Consistent Should Personal Values be with HR Values?

    To be really super performing HR Professionals, should we live and breathe the principles we follow and are responsible for in work life, in our personal life?

  • How to Expand the Supply of High-Quality Candidates

    No advantage is too small when faced with a difficult search, and there’s simply no reason not to ask for as much help as possible before you begin --- especially from your client.

  • Roles of Legal Counsel and Human Resource Professionals in crafting Talent Management Strategies


    Several recent trends are combining to create both greater legal risks and increased opportunities for employers seeking to improve their strategies for attracting, hiring, promoting, and retaining the best employees.

  • How to Stimulate Referrals and Fill More Jobs

    Bill RadinSometimes recruiters obsess so much over the science of recruiting---the “where to look”---that we tend to ignore the true art of the business, the “how to ask.” These days, it seems we’ve all turned into info-junkies, addicted to databases, directories and Internet research.
  • Are Pre-employment Tests Legally Dangerous?

    It is reported that more than 30% employers in the United States use pre-employment tests to assist in hiring decisions.  Presumably, the test measures job related skills. Most of these tests fall into the following five categories – skills tests, aptitude tests, personality tests, integrity tests and drug tests. This article explores relevant issues related to pre-employment testing in general.

  • TODAY’S TECHNOLOGY TIDBIT - LinkedIn Name Finder

    I have covered this topic a number of times before, but I sincerely want all of you using LinkedIn, even a little bit, to have this knowledge. Linkedin Name Finder is a must have tool when searching LinkedIn.

  • Fired for Eating a bag of potato chips

    Walgreens Sued By EEOC For Disability Discrimination

    Store Fired Worker with Diabetes for Eating Chips to Stop Hypoglycemia Attack, Federal Agency Charges

    SAN FRANCISCO — Drugstore giant Walgreens violated federal law  by firing a worker with diabetes instead of accommodating her, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity  Commission charged in a lawsuit filed today under the Americans With  Disabilities Act (ADA).

  • Are Your Background Check Policies Making Your Company a Target for a Class Action Lawsuit?

    By now, most employers know that the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”)1 covers background checks and that the applicant or employee must authorize the employer to obtain a background

  • There is wasn't and still isn't a (pending) labor shortage! Get over it

    Lately there has been much discussion of the impending doom to be caused from an upcoming Labor Shortage- Why? Is it because there is some truth behind it? Some defined element of reality or just another wave of hysteria that makes for good reading. Let’s calm down for a moment and look at a few concepts.*1

  • Strategies to Win the War for Talent in 2012

    DaveDartWhether your organization performed better than you anticipated in 2011, or less than ideal—the question remains, “Do you want to set your business productivity, performance, and revenue goals higher for 2012?” The obvious answer is, “Yes, of course!!” Then the next question is, “But how?” And the only answer is, “By hiring top-talent!”

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