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  • Employee Must Give Employer His Facebook Password, Says ACLU

    Facebook gives employers lots of reasons to worry. There are employees who leak confidential company information, talk badly about supervisors, and complain about customers. There's also the

  • To Ruse Call, or Network?

    The ruse call or Networking.. which is more efficient?

    Too often on the public recruiting networks one will note a prominent promotion of the ruse call. When I read these posts, I am profoundly curious as I don’t understand the purpose or need of the ruse call.

  • Persuasion vs. Manipulation

    bob burgI’m often asked to explain the difference between persuasion and manipulation. Actually, it tends to take more the form of a challenge, as in, “Bob, isn’t persuasion and manipulation the same thing?”

    And, it’s a good, legitimate question. After all, in both cases you are attempting to elicit an individual or group to think or do something they would presumably not think or do without your influence.

  • Minimizing Sexual Harassment?

    A while ago I read a story today about a young girl who had been gang raped in her workplace. Over an extensive period of time she had advised her superiors at an international company about her concerns, expressing fear and concern for her safety; but to no avail.

  • Get expert advice or pay the price

    ARGH!   How do people in this industry become “gurus’?  You know the ones - The “Professional Advisors” (self proclaimed), those who often proceed to give "expert" advice without even having a clue of what they are speaking? But, of course, they are the "experts".

    Many of you have heard of my consistent frustration at what I consider the consistent "blind edufakating the Blind" in this industry
    and unfortunately never considering the ramifications of the legal outcomes of misinformation due to their lack of knowledge of the hundreds of State and Federal Laws that surround our industry, and their

  • Be Smart – Hire for the JOB not the Fabled “Fit”

    If you want to fill a job, hire someone with the skills to do it.  If you want a companion, go to eHarmony – in your own time!

    I had a friend who was rejected for a job that seemed perfect.  She was told that they selected someone who was a better fit.  There was no explanation.  What does it mean – this fabled “fit”? 

  • 5 Marketing Lessons from Crack Dealers

    Disclaimer: I have never used illegal drugs and do I not advocate the use of illegal drugs or controlled substances illegally. Drugs and the repercussions of their use, do irreparable harm to the user, their families, their coworkers and the community at large. Stay clean, stay sober or stay home.

  • How to Handle Bullies at Work –

    Rhoberta Shaler, PhDHe's a bully! It sounds like something heard on a school playground or attached to gang behavior - Unfortunately it is an all too common complaint in the workplace.

  • CA Restricts use of Consumer / Credit Reports in hiring process

    On October the 10th, 2011 Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Assembly Bill 22 (AB 22) which restricts employers and prospective employers – with the exception of certain financial institutions – from using consumer credit reports and credit checks for making decisions about hiring.

  • Here comes the sun – and the heat stroke

    Lindsay ShugermanSummer is coming and that means high heat and potentially hazardous working conditions.  When temperatures climb, employees who work outdoors or in confined spaces where cooling or air circulation is limited are at risk for developing heat related illnesses. If you are unprepared, or if symptoms are left untreated, these conditions can quickly become fatal.

  • Lessons From The Jewel-Osco / EEOC Settlement

    On January 5, "'The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission" - EEOC announced a $3.2 million settlement in a lawsuit against Jewel-Osco parent company Supervalu Inc., alleging that Jewel-Osco fired disabled employees at the end of medical leaves

  • Outback Steakhouse will pay $19M, hire human resources exec to settle sex discrimination suit

    Outback Steakhouse has agreed to pay $19 million to female workers and take other steps, including hiring a new human resources executive, to settle a sex discrimination lawsuit.

  • What kind of conflict management skills do you bring to work?

    In my seminars on Wrestling Rhinos: Conquering Conflict in the Wilds of Work…and Everywhere Else! I ask the audience how many folks came from a home where no one spoke up when they were upset or hurting, the “Do not say boo to a goose” families.  Those are the homes of the “Silent Ones.”

  • IRS Offers Employers Misclassification Amnesty: Come in to My Parlor Said the Spider to the Fly

    shaunreidOn September 21, 2011, the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) announced its new worker misclassification amnesty program, which is designed to encourage employers that have wrongly classified any of their workers to come forward and correctly classify their workers as employees going forward.  Officially called the Voluntary Classification Settlement Program (VCSP), the program is the IRS’s attempt to “enable many employers to resolve past worker classification issues and achieve certainty under the tax law at a low cost by voluntarily reclassifying their workers”.  

  • A Great Idea That Will Never Happen

    It is too easy to become a recruiter. I suppose that can be said for a variety of disciplines, but I would wonder how closely those positions affect the bottom line the way recruiting does. A company is powered by its people and the gas of that engine is recruiting

  • Puhlease Stop saying that there is a war for talent 2

    So the tired old war story continues, as many continue to Dread the upcoming mass exodus of the Baby Boomer. What? I am sorry, are we missing something? The mass exodus really wont’ have an impact? How so? *1

    Well, I decided to try the impossible today, to keep my comments simple, especially for those who just Aren’t getting it.

  • Panera Bread Employee claims he was fired for refusing to discriminate

    paneraScott Donatelli, who was fired as the general manager of the Panera Bread cafe in Mt. Lebanon, has filed suit claiming the reason for his termination was that he would not abide by the racially discriminatory personnel policies of his employer, franchise owner Sam Corvelli.

    His lawyer Sam Cordes said the policy was not reserved for just the Mt. Lebanon restaurant.

  • Diversity Staffing that Drives Power Profits! Part 1 of 3

    What if I told you that there was a way for you to help in multiple “mission critical” areas of your company during your recruiting efforts?  What if I said that as a recruiter, you could also effectively and positively impact the depth and wellness levels of all your co-workers in company wide? 

  • Pre Employment Testing Reveals Fraud Potential

    It was summertime in 1971 when the pop single, Smiling Faces Sometimes, hit the airwaves. Coming into popularity after the 60s, a decade of social turmoil and distrust, the lyrics resonated to listeners.


    red flag ruleAs many as nine million Americans have their identities stolen each year. Identity thieves may drain their accounts, damage their credit, and even endanger their medical treatment. The cost to businesses – left with unpaid bills racked up by scam artists – can be staggering, too.

  • 680 Lb man who was fired said weight never affected his work

    EEOC Sues BAE Systems for Disability Discrimination

    Agency Says Qualified Material Handler Fired Because of His Obesity

    HOUSTON -- BAE Systems, Inc. (BAE), a Virginia-based military vehicle manufacturer, engaged in unlawful disability discrimination against one of its employees who worked at its location in Sealy, Texas, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charged in a lawsuit it filed today.

  • Hiring Bias Creates "Unemployed Professional to Poverty" Class

    "CEO to Food Stamps" is happening now in America

    AXcess News (Chicago) - Most professionals, and almost all executives, have learned to man or woman up in hard times.  They wear a mask that displays confidence and projects success to the world, because they know there’s no whining in business.

    The Great Recession has made executives a little more willing to be honest, but only if they are projecting a positive and confident “turn-around” future outlook no matter how dire the future may be in reality. 

  • Background Check Wrongly Says Job Seeker is Sex Offender

     Samuel Jackson thought his job offer from Optics Planet was a done deal -- but then a routine background check gone awry surprised the company and Jackson with a detail even he didn't know: his name appeared on national list of registered sex offenders.

  • The Hidden Job Market, What is it and What Does a Job seeker Do to Get a Job?

    Today, job seekers are lured to advertising, books, DVD’s and webinars on the so called hidden job market.  Let’s bring this out into the light so it is not hidden anymore.

  • Why Smart Employees Under-Perform

    We’ve all been there. After an extensive and thorough search for a line manager, one candidate stands out. This candidate has the right experience, solid qualifications, and a relevant work history, and she gave an impressive performance during the interview process.

  • Employer Liable for Employee’s Illegal Use of Internet

    Employer Liable for Employee’s Illegal Use of Internet January 2006 By: Robert G. Brody (Founding Partner) and Richard S. Moskowitz. (Associate) at the Labor and Employment Firm of Brody and Associates, LLC

  • How to find out if your company is about to lay you off

    Kudos to my pal Karen Mattonen for not only being cited by Inc. Magazine, but also for letting me know about an AWESOME resource that I know will be of interest to employed workers everywhere. What is it? Its called WARN. WARN is an acronym for Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification.

  • Recruiters, H.R, Is MYspace YourSpace?

    altToday I read a couple of  interesting articles; but one that really got my attention was in the Boston Globe, where a candidate was asked about her personal profile in MySpace during an interview   - They didn't like her response regarding her profile and they did not hire her.

  • Employment Relationship Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

    This fact sheet provides general information concerning the meaning of "employment relationship" and the significance of that determination in applying provisions of the FLSA.

    An employment relationship under the FLSA must be distinguished from a strictly contractual one.


  • A thought on Comp:

    altAre You Worth 2 Extra W's and a "Shot at the Big One"?

    Early last month, the University of Florida made Urban Meyer the SEC's highest paid coach, with a contract valued at $24 Million USD over 4 years.  That's 4 Million big-ones a year -- not too shabby if you ask me. 

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