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HRP Staffing: Scam Or Not? We’re Still Not Sure

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2012-04-18 092015 copyWe couldn’t help but notice how several online job seekers have been wondering  if HRP Staffing, which claims to be a staffing firm for healthcare professionals and operates from Plaistow, NH, is legitimate.

The website for HRP (which stands for Hospital Recruiting Partners) appears fairly convincing, with links to articles related to employment in medical staffing.

If you’re going by the reports on multiple websites, the company appears to be recruiting for recruiters, using email marketing to inform each recipient that HRP has chosen to “extend you an offer to interview with us.”

The same email contains a list of interview times with links that job seekers can use to schedule themselves.

The interviews take place via webinar. One person who attended the webinar reported that it’s a one-way affair; the only way to communicate is to type questions into a box and you are not allowed to see who else is attending. Another person says that he could see about 130 people who were also attending the interview.

Here is the big tipoff: In order to “get the job,” you have to pay HRP a fee for online training, or just to “cover its costs.” The fees range anywhere from $179 to $350, at least among the job seekers who have shared what fees they were quoted.

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Editors Note - Loren if you are not sure, maybe these other links may be of help

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Scam Fraud Alert : HRP Staffing -

SCAMBOOK :HRP Staffing Complaints

Ripoff Reports -  HRP STAFFING | Ripoff Report | Complaints Reviews Scams Lawsuits Frauds Reported

There are state and Federal laws protecting candidates looking for jobs from scams, from employment agencies.  Companies who Charge candidates must be bonded in EACH state they are recruiting the said candidate in, and abide by those State laws which are consistent in protecting the candidates.  Most states require that these firms should be bonded. 

Anyone who feels that this company is not legitimate, should contact their State Attorney Generals office, and make sure that they are aware of the potential for fraud.


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