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Check’s In The Mail, I Love You, We Hire Fast, And Other Lies HR Tells

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Check’s In The Mail, I Love You, We Hire Fast, And Other Lies HR Tells 

alan_Fluhrer_BW_2015.jpgAlan is a 20+ year talent acquisition manager & recruiter. Industry experience includes banking, engineering, and high-tech, (of all kinds), government intelligence agencies, (I could tell you but I’d have to kill you…joke), and more. 

His expertise includes talent management, recruiting at all parts of the process and improving processes and methods with a blend of art, science/data, and smattering of common sense. Including onboarding, candidate experience, social media recruiting, branding, and a whole lot of strategy creation and execution

Contact Alan Fluhrer 626-585-1700
Find Alan at  :



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