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Candidates will soon be in Control

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There is a lack of Top Talent which is why you are in the RIGHT PROFESSION at the RIGHT TIME in history! 
The market is turning from client to candidate driven which means you have to CHANGE your approach with candidates. 

In recruiting, you are attempting to bridge the “gap” from what you are presenting to the lives, needs and hot buttons of your recruits.  Candidates will realize they are in the driver’s seat and will become more demanding.  You will also face more counter offers, no starts and offer turndowns in the coming months.

It’s important to complete daily recruiting presentations to build your database, as well as fill your current search assignments or contracts.

Keep in mind you have nine main goals for your recruiting calls:

1.    Recruit the person you’re speaking with
2.    Ask and receive referrals of other candidates
3.    Get names of well networked individuals
4.    Obtain this person’s email address for future contacts
5.    Identify their professional associations
6.    Search assignment leads
7.    Information on companies they have worked for
8.    Where they would work if they could choose any company in their industry and why
9.    Make sure they take down your contact information

If you want to represent top talent you must achieve the following:

·    Candidates must feel you have their best interest at heart
·    You should send candidates on more than one opportunity
·    Actively market them to their target employers
·    Become part of the niche you represent
·    Strive to form a lifetime relationship with your candidates
·    Touch your entire candidate database at least bi-monthly

It’s time for us to improve the overall candidate experience.  We place a very small percentage of the individuals who we attract. 

As a result, the majority of candidates do not have a positive experience and of course they tell their friends.  This can drastically reduce referrals and end up as bad word of mouth advertising!  To solve this issue you need to develop alternative resources for the candidates you don’t place.







Barbara Bruno is president and owner of HR Search, Inc. and Good As Gold Training, Inc.   For the past thirty years, Barbara has worked in all segments of the recruiting and staffing profession including direct, temporary, contract, and retained search.  She is also one of the leading recruiting, sales, management, motivational, and internationally renowned training professionals today.

Barb also created and launched Happy Candidates which is a resource that Recruiting Firms can now utilize to help 100% of their Candidates with their Search.  This customized resource greatly enhances the overall candidate experience and enhances sales and profits.  Go to for information

Barbara has addressed audiences in North America, Asia, Africa and Europe.  She is known for the wealth of information she shares in her sessions.  If you want practical, logical, easy to implement content for your program, Barbara is the person to deliver just that! Barbara’s keynote addresses leave her audiences motivated and aware of their unlimited potential. Her breakout sessions provide so many ideas the greatest decision her participants must make is which great ideal to implement first.

Barbara is an experienced sales manager who implements what she teaches!  Her enthusiasm is contagious and her unique sense of humor makes learning fun.   She writes for eleven national publications monthly including her “Ask Barb” column in the Fordyce Letter.  She also writes the most widely read on-line newsletter for recruiters – the NO BS Newsletter. She has been quoted in The Staffing Industry Report, Chicago Tribune, New York Times, USA Today and numerous National Magazines.

Her awards include the highest national honor – The Harold B. Nelson Award.  She was inducted into NAPS Hall of Fame, and also received top honors from two States – The Lincoln Award in Illinois and the Ancil T. Brown Award in Indiana.  Barbara was also honored recently as a Woman of Merit in Indiana.

Barbara has developed the only 80 day on-line training program for the Recruiting Profession. The Top Producer Tutor takes the job of training off the desk of owners and managers.   This recruiting training product is being utilized by recruiters worldwide.  Her 26-week Strategic Management Tutor teaches Owners and Managers how to effectively own, manage and grow their business.

The Tutor is being used by recruiting firms to train their new hires as well as help experienced recruiters reach their next level of production.  Corporations are also utilizing the Tutor software to deliver their in-house corporate recruiter training!

If you would like more information about Barb contact: 

Beth Matthews





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