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Californian IT workers fired for being Americans

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americaexport• Lawyer says visa loophole being used to hire foreigners for cheap, pink-slip U.S. workers

On April 22, 2011 attorney James Otto filed a pioneering lawsuit against Long Beach, Calif.’s Molina Healthcare, Inc., alleging that the 21 clients he is representing were fired because they were American citizens. During a Dec. 6, 2011 interview with this writer, Otto outlined the most under-reported employment story in our country today.

“In my complaint, I contend that a conspiracy existed between Molina and a company named Cognizant to replace their workers because they were all Americans,” said Otto. “Further, none of these dismissals—225 total over a three-year span—occurred for disciplinary reasons.”

When AMERICAN FREE PRESS inquired as to how he obtained this data, Otto replied, “All of the information originated from workers on the inside of Molina. These were people that ran the company on a day-to-day basis and saw their cohorts being fired, only to be replaced by Indians.”

As proof, Otto cited Chief Information Officer Amir Desai, who was brought from India by President John Molina. Desai was overheard saying: “I will not hire any Americans.”

It is alleged in the lawsuit that Molina approved this move, which is especially troublesome since Desai enjoyed a close relationship with Cognizant Technology Solutions, Inc., which acted as a headhunter to import huge numbers of nationals from India into the United States.

By some estimates, U.S. companies as a whole are hiring up to 2 million foreign workers each year by illegally discriminating against American-born employees, who they then summarily dismiss without excuse.

Molina’s outrageous conduct is even more egregious, according to Otto, because they’re supported solely by government proceeds.

Otto’s lawsuit contends that “The entirety of Molina’s annual income comes from U.S. taxpayers via the federal government, which pays the Medicare and Medicaid claims filed by Molina’s insured.”

By firing American workers and replacing them with Indians, Otto’s suit charges that “Several billion U.S. taxpayer dollars have gone directly to India without any benefit to the American economy or U.S. taxpayers.”

Otto said that Molina specifically used the employment agency Cognizant to find workers in India that could be sent to the United States.

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