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Welcome to Viewpoint, where HireCentrix provides commentary on some of the most relevant , hottest and often controversial issues  affecting our industry; including employment statistics, employment data, laws and regulation, political and public policies, and more.

AIM SMARTER” Goal Setting Recipe

Setting Goals is like using a cookbook to figure out what to have for dinner.  You have some idea of how many people you will feed, along with the likes and dislikes of that audience.  You may even know what the main ingredients need to be, since you have inventoried your pantry (e.g., assets). 

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"Lions Led by Donkeys" Where Does HR Fit In?

“Lions led by Donkeys”  was an expression commonly used during the WW1 period to describe the brave soldiers (lions) led to their death  (hundreds of thousands) by inept Generals with little regard for the lives of soldiers under their command.  They were simply “machine gun” fodder - an example of the disregard by leadership for “little” people.

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Big Data for HR Doesn’t Have to be Rocket Science

Last week I wrote about growing HR into something big, and how Big Data can play a key role in helping you become a more valuable partner to your organization by engaging in data-driven decision making.

Read more: Big Data for HR Doesn’t Have to be Rocket Science

I Hate The Internet

I really, REALLY hate the internet right now. I had just finished reading the latest in a string of bad advice articles (from “experts”, on LinkedIn of course) and my mother pointed out a RIDICULOUSLY inappropriate and unfunny Facebook status on my 16 year old son’s wall. (Yes, he had been hacked by one of his idiot friends.

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Thanks so much for your patience

Thanks you for your patience as we experience growing pains.

Hirecentrix is facing some technical issues that is expected to be resolved by the end of this week. So, unfortunately we will not be updating the articles on the site until all the technical issues can be resolved. 

Until then please enjoy the current articles on the database, as please don't forget to visit the Archive's, and definitely be entertained by the Recruiters Lounge. 

We appreciate your support during these trying times.  And please we promise that we shall resume our normal daily input of Industry Articles, Viewpoint and News on Monday August 19th..

thank you

Karen Mattonen

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