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Welcome to Viewpoint, where HireCentrix provides commentary on some of the most relevant , hottest and often controversial issues  affecting our industry; including employment statistics, employment data, laws and regulation, political and public policies, and more.

The Demise of Pay for Time

I have written several times on the concept of Results only work environments (ROWE). You can see that here, here and here. I think it is a great concept but I have noted that most organizations will have a difficult time instituting because of the way we currently have to pay people. One futurist feels that by the year 2030 we will see the demise of pay based on the time you work.

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HireCentrix is back up and will Resume Next Monday

  Hirecentrix is Back up and functional!

Thanks everyone for your patience as we recovered from 3 extensive hacks from a competitor.  As Painful as it was, we have much gratitude because we were able to recover all of our articles and data.. Thank goodness for consistent Backups, and great friends..

Hirecentrix will start publishing New Articles again on Monday, January 20th,  and we look forward to maintaining our partnerships with our fabulous writers who have contributed to our success. 

Thanks very much for sticking with us

Karen Mattonen

An Employers Guide to Reducing Costs in the Health Care System: Learning From What Has Been

This synthesis describes evidence-based research demonstrating what strategies reduce health care costs and what strategies have only mixed results.


During the latter half of the 1990s, health care cost inflation slowed after several years of rapidly rising price increases. Many hoped that the various policies and programs implemented by government, employers, and insurers in the '90s to control costs would continue to moderate these increases for the foreseeable future. However, in the last several years, rising health care costs have again become an issue.

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Reference Checking in the digital age!


When you mention reference checking to many, the distrust is often visible.  Reference reports are often endorsements, or as Linkedin calls them,“recommendations”.  But what can be done to supplement the interview?

Read more: Reference Checking in the digital age!

A message to HR tech vendors

When tech companies work on building HR systems, I often wonder how much time they spend time with the users -- the HR folks who are in the trenches -- in paperwork hell. 

Read more: A message to HR tech vendors

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