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Welcome to Viewpoint, where HireCentrix provides commentary on some of the most relevant , hottest and often controversial issues  affecting our industry; including employment statistics, employment data, laws and regulation, political and public policies, and more.

100 most social HR experts on Twitter

So a list of “the 100 most social HR experts on Twitter” this list has been doing the rounds today, courtesy of this Huffington Post article.  I call BS.


GAY RECRUITING - LGBT Staffing Critical to a Diversity Strategy

Martin deCampoThe facts:  the Annual Value of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Market is $625 Billion USD and represents a diverse population that simply will not and should not be ignored.  Other stats will simply astound you!  Consider that the Average Household Income of LGBT households exceeds $58,624 (45% above national average!), and Lesbian households have an Average Household Income of $45,755 (28% above national average!). 


Inside the Affordable Care Act: 5 Secrets Every Business Needs to Know

Key parts of the Affordable Care Act (referred to here as the ACA) will go into effect Jan. 1, 2014 – but a lot of workers and employers are still unsure about how it will affect them. It’s no mystery that legislation can be difficult to understand. So here, in plain language, are five “secrets” about the ACA that business owners should be aware of.


Christmas, Holidays?? Bah, who needs them? Ban 'em all

A few Years ago, I read a popular blog that was Anti Christmas (xmas) in the workplace. The Author expressed disdain for several factors, including being “forced” to having a day off and not being able to work; she mentioned her concerns being a minority, and Xmas not being Diverse due to the Religious beliefs and a few other factors. 

So, in defense of the Spirit of the holidays Please allow me my humble opinion - 


Six Reasons Why Employers Should Use Recruiters

terrypetraWhen managers are asked:

“What percentage of your success as a manager is dependent on the performance of those who report to you?”

 The percentage stated by most managers is over 90%.



Should the Unemployed also be Unemployable?

scotterkerphdI just heard a story on NPR ”Job Seekers Find Bias Against the Unemployed”discussing how much harder it is for those without jobs to find jobs. Considering that earlier this month, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there are still 14.8 million people unemployed—a 9.6% unemployment rate. So that discrimination is directed at 10% of the US population.



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