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Welcome to Viewpoint, where HireCentrix provides commentary on some of the most relevant , hottest and often controversial issues  affecting our industry; including employment statistics, employment data, laws and regulation, political and public policies, and more.

So what’s up with all the Recent topics on Exectuitve Search and HR Ethics and Industry Accountability?

For the next couple of weeks, HireCentrix will be focusing on presenting Articles that focus on the Client and candidate experience, regarding Ethics in the Executive Search, Employment and HR Industry.

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Unless it's on your Contract, the But For Rule doesn't exist

NAPS Former Counsel Proposes Imprisonment for Recruiters Who Ask for Copy of “But For” Law

I guess, upon reflection, that’s a little harsh.

Certainly, we lawyers do enough to irritate our clients (and everybody else) often enough that we must learn to be more tolerant of the well-meaning, but irritating, questions which clients ask us again and again and again and again. What really irritates me is the conversation that usually goes something like this:

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American Fool, Why The Arrogance-Get Your Facts Straight?

Native citizens of the United States who have not travelled abroad are prone to say they live in the greatest nation on earth.  Some beat their chests with pride stating: USA, the greatest nation on Earth.  What is the basis for such statements?   Why do they display such arrogance?  Obviously they believe the dogma.

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Self Proclaimed "Experts" - Garbage In, Garbage Out.

As a professional Recruiter, one who has not only earned my knowledge through decades of training, and practical experience, but with consistent and Continual hands on Practice, exposure, participation, training, and Involvement..  I find it interesting to see the Ongoing  Birth and Development of the New “Experts”  in the industry; the ones who allegedly become a Fully grown-up ”Expert”, without any quantifiable or qualifiable evidence of experience, tenure, authority, knowledge, and definitely without any, or very limited Demonstrated Practice and hands on Particpation.

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A Taxonomy of Recruiters

Harmful/Nusiance recruiter Species:


This particular creature can be recognized by its total lack of knowledge in both the technical material they are representing, the fact that they haven't read your resume, and their exceptionally brilliant conversation.  They are fond of using "On a scale of 1 to 10, please rate yourself in each of the following areas."  They can't read,

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