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Sourcing and Research

If you are looking to learn tools for improving sourcing or ideas for metrics, productivity measurements, telephone sourcing, including script ideas, approaches and or training materials.this area will soon become your favorite.

What is The Geek Code? (…and why should Recruiters care?)

Okay, so I’m flipping the channels late one night and I come across a Spanish soap opera. I do not speak Spanish, but from what I could tell somebody was cheating on somebody else and the main body was just getting home. Panic struck the couple and amid the hurried dressing and last minute kisses, someone said, “See you later.”

And I said, “Hey! I understood that.”

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Keywords, the foundation of search.

Did you Know?
Databases and search engines don’t know what your keywords mean, they don’t understand meaning any more than they understand humor or sarcasm.

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How to Run an Efficient Sourcing Desk

It can be said for any occupation that efficiency is everything, but I think it is especially relevant when you are retained to develop leads for a client. I cannot tell you how much time I have wasted over the years due to miscommunication between what a client wants verses what they say they want verses my giving them what they asked for originally. Eventually, I learned a simple but powerful truth that helped me to protect my sanity and maintain a solid client relationship. What’s that?

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Understanding Keywords

moises thumbnailAssuming you have the right keyword to find the “right skills” of your perfect candidate right from the start, It is important to first understand some of issues that can affect your keyword’s performance before prematurely changing them.   

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Is a recruiter is better than a Sourcer?

Recently I was in a conversation with my old friend Karen Mattonen about Sourcers vs. Recruiters. I  heard her rant about how as recruiters we were sourcing before Sourcers even existed and how recruiters who do full life cycle recruiting are better because they do all 30 steps in the recruiting life cycle. First let me say that I enjoy my conversations with Karen, she is passionate about so many things, but sometimes she gets so worked up on her topics of passion that I feel like half way across the country I can still see the veins popping out on the side of her neck as she puts all her might into her discussion.

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