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I Love You HR! Said No Recruiter Ever.

I’ve sat on both sides of that table; I’ve worked as a Recruiting Manager for a multi-state company with the HR team one floor down and I’ve worked as a field HR Manager for a global 3rd party logistics company with the recruiting team (and centralized HR) FAR away in another part of the country. 

I’ve been an HR leader at various organizations and I’ve managed the functional employment/staffing area for a large organization; to be fair we really weren’t doing much actual recruiting at that one.

And almost without fail, even though recruiting and HR had the same goal of hiring and retaining talented individuals, we were locked in endless battle.  In some cases I saw mutual distrust, dislike and downright avoidance of each other.  I’m talking corporate in-house recruiters here (fellow team members); don’t even get me started on the reciprocated disdain between HR practitioners and 3rd party recruiters.

The reasons for this dynamic?

  • Recruiters often view HR staff as intrusive busy bodies that merely want to insert themselves into the relationship and process between recruiter, hiring manager, and candidate.  After all, the thinking goes, in HR the “rules rule” and the focus is on risk-management and dealing with problems and conflict; bottleneck is HR’s middle name.
  • HR practitioners think recruiters are free-wheeling glory-seekers – charging off like a blast of fireworks with absolutely no regard for employment law, internal compensation policies, OFCCP directives…you name it.

Fascinating to me.

But this needs to stop.  While HR and recruiting may never go skipping down the sunshine paved roadway together they have to develop mutual trust and respect. And whether one believes that recruiting should be part of the HR Department or not it’s critical that practitioners in both areas understand each other in order to work together.

I’m heading off to #DiceTru in Atlanta in February to lead a track on just this topic.  As an unconference who knows where the conversation will take us but a few items I hope to discuss are what HR practitioners and recruiters need to do so they can:

  • build consistency of culture throughout the candidate and employment experience and understand its impact on engagement
  • stop being territorial and share data, information and resources
  • work together to build effective referral programs including the use of alumni networks
  • effectively use social media to engage with both candidates and employees
  • understand why HR policies, procedures and roadblocks exist and agree to adjust or eliminate them when possible

There may not be love, butterflies, rainbows and singing of kumbaya when we’re done but there will hopefully be a bit more understanding.



Robin Schooling, SPHR, is a VP Human Resources in Louisiana. She’s a member of the Smartbrief on Workforce Advisory Board, and serves on the Advisory Board for the Louisiana Business Leadership Network. She blogs at HRSchoolhouse and is a contributor to the blogs WomenofHR and We Know Next.  You can follow her on twitter at @RobinSchooling.

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Supervisors, Managers, and Contractors – Oh My!

Imagine the following scenario:

Lacking internal resources, a company out-sources IT functions for a technology-based project.  To meet the company’s needs, this “QA Project” is ultimately staffed with four IT professionals, none of whom is from the same agency or a company employee.  Rather, each is an employee of the placement agency from which they came, on a contract assignment with the company. 

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Legal Issues That Could Cause Trouble For Your Staffing Business

JillSTOPPARDAs anyone who has been in the staffing industry for any length of time knows, the rules and regulations surrounding the industry are complex and change frequently. As well as federal laws, each State has unique employment rules and regulations that make it challenging for staffing companies with limited resources to work across multiple states. Staffing companies that operate in California, New York and Massachusetts in particular, can have their work cut out trying to accommodate the unique rules and regulations of those States.


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rhobertashalerphdYou think you should be able to handle that conflict you have. And, likely, you’re very sure that, if only the other person would change, the conflict would cease. Two myths!


Granted, by the time you are considered an adult—at least in height—you will have encountered enough situations of conflict that you will have some strategies.


Independent Contractors Are Again Front-And-Center

alt The U.S. Labor Department announced today that it has entered into a cooperative alliance with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and others aimed at ending "the business practice of misclassifying employees [as independent contractors] in order to avoid providing employment protections." As the IRS's involvement might suggest, this collaboration has as much to do with enhancing the inflow of tax revenues and other sums to various governments as it does with "employee protections".

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