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Sourcing and Research

If you are looking to learn tools for improving sourcing or ideas for metrics, productivity measurements, telephone sourcing, including script ideas, approaches and or training materials.this area will soon become your favorite.

Site:Search, Part 2

Carol MartinSite:Search is a fast and efficient way to search Plaxo, Jigsaw, MySpace—and other social and business networking sites - because you can sidestep many of the rules and restrictions within these sites by tapping into the Public Profile. You will need to be a member of each network you are attempting to search.

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Search String Checklist Check Your Work

Mark E. Berger; CPC, CIRThe checklist below is simple. I am often asked to troubleshoot search strings that aren’t doing what they are supposed to do.

I can’t give an exact percentage but it is safe to say that the vast majority of the strings would work fine but have errors that are easily overlooked.

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Finding Contact Information - Company Email Patterns

Carol M. Martin CPC, CIR,  CSSRThere are many sites online dedicated to finding phone numbers and email addresses. Click the following link for a variety of the most popular available, and most are free. Finding Contact Information .

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Using Boolean Searching On Twitter

Twitter Search 

Twitter search is fairly straightforward. Because it is real time Boolean Searching String capable however, don't expect to get number of results since that's fairly pointless in this situation. Just expect to get results from the last few seconds back, and you get the full tweet.

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10 Commandments of Internet Research

Here are what I consider to be the most critical parts of internet research. I thought I would call them the ten commandments because if you do not apply one of them appropriately your sourcing effectiveness will drop.

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