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Recruiting & Candidate Development

Candidate Development is especially critical in recruitment. Even if it's an entry level position, candidates still need to be developed, coached and prepared. Some candidates need hand holding. Some need to be groomed. They can have top notch skills but interview horribly. Or they can have a hard time quantifying and qualifying their experience. At this point some extra hand holding comes in handy. This section holds article addressing all these nuances. Also find updated information on the recruiting trends, insights, tools or resources.

Top 5 Ways to Fail at Hiring

jason blais-jiusIf you’re in the majority of businesses out there, you handle most or all of your recruiting in-house- no recruiters or staffing agencies in your hip pocket… or wallet. That is, you write your own job postings or advertisements, you research and make your own media buys, and you handle the pre-screening and interview process. If your company attends career fairs, you and your team conceive the design for your displays and staff the booth in hopes of meeting your next great hire.

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The Forgotten Sourcing and Recruiting Method

terryhallPeople often ask me, “What’s the best way to source talent for my open jobs?”

Clearly, there are many ways to source candidates. The online venues can be overwhelming to keep up with. You may ask: “Besides Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Plaxo, Pinterest, Instagram, Zoominfo and a plethora of other social media and social networking sites available, what else is there?”

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Finding the Recruiting Script that Works

billradinWe know that no two candidates are alike. And yet recruiters often get lazy and use the identical recruiting script for everyone, as if each candidate were a clone of the other.

To combat the cookie-cutter approach to recruiting, remember: There are three types of candidates, each with their own set of expectations as to what a recruiter’s role should be.


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Are recruiters Lazy?

moises thumbnailAccording to Lou Addler, we are all lazy recruiters. In his article titled “Five tips for employee sourcing” he says that unequivocally so in his opening statement. .  My reading personal perspective is that he doesn’t offer any validation to his statement that we are lazy.  


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Recruiting is NOT Consumer Marketing

jason blais-jiusPlease excuse my pressing need to vent publicly about the onslaught of marketing, promotion, and “education” around the idea that recruiting and consumer marketing are essentially the same function.

Hiring a productive, engaged, long-term employee is extremely different from convincing someone to drop a few dollars on a product or service!


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