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Recruiting & Candidate Development

Candidate Development is especially critical in recruitment. Even if it's an entry level position, candidates still need to be developed, coached and prepared. Some candidates need hand holding. Some need to be groomed. They can have top notch skills but interview horribly. Or they can have a hard time quantifying and qualifying their experience. At this point some extra hand holding comes in handy. This section holds article addressing all these nuances. Also find updated information on the recruiting trends, insights, tools or resources.

Talent Acquisition Does Not Require Frustration!

No Frustration Required to Succeed at Recruiting 

Today’s recruiting landscape offers enormous opportunity that if effectively exploited, can land you on the beach in early retirement at the top of the financial food chain.

You must face certain realities.

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The Employee Experience: Candidacy

Doreen PettyIn my last article, I discussed the employee experience as analogous to building a house. In that discussion, I identified the various HR folks as the architects and planners of the experience, while the first-line supervisors and organization leaders are the builders and construction workers who execute on the plan for a home where employees will want to move in and begin "decorating" to fit their needs and wants.

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Why Most Recruiting Firm Owners Business Plans Fail

Much of what we as individuals and owners do in the name of planning and goal setting is a complete waste of time.

Yep, you heard me right.  The process is about as effective as making New Year's Resolutions. Why? Personally and professionally we already know what we should do: Lose weight, quit smoking exercise more, professionally, our plans are loaded with build client/candidate relationships, be motivated make a lot of money.

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Teams Win - Solo Recruiters Struggle

There’s been a lot of struggle going on in the recruiting profession since about 2008-2009 when the downturn began accelerating and taking form.

I can tell how it is impacting the industry, even though my observation is based on not necessarily the most scientific findings: I can tell from how many independent solo-recruiters ceased to earn a living and encountered serious, business (and life style) threatening difficulties.

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Job Boards vs. LinkedIn?

altThe trend du jour for companies seeking talent appears to move to everything social media.   The social media evangelists are preaching to job seekers and hiring managers that if you’re not using all things social media, job seekers will lose out on their dream jobs and companies will not find top-rate talent.   Recent articles have spread across the blogosphere stating that companies and job seekers should lean towards LinkedIn and ditch the job boards.  I’m not sold.


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