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Recruiting & Candidate Development

Candidate Development is especially critical in recruitment. Even if it's an entry level position, candidates still need to be developed, coached and prepared. Some candidates need hand holding. Some need to be groomed. They can have top notch skills but interview horribly. Or they can have a hard time quantifying and qualifying their experience. At this point some extra hand holding comes in handy. This section holds article addressing all these nuances. Also find updated information on the recruiting trends, insights, tools or resources.

Developing Relationships with Your Most Placeable Candidates

bobrystromRead and practice what is written below and you will likely make more placements


Over the years we have stressed that branding creates an impression of how you are perceived by your candidates and clients. Never-the-less, most recruiters do little or nothing to enhance on how they are perceived by their candidates and spend most of their time romancing clients and chasing "me too job orders."

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Locating online influencers – part one: where to begin

How can an organization begin looking for influencers online?

Before you can dive in to an online influencer outreach program you obviously need to figure out who is influential and where they hang out online. Customers and potential customers read blogs and take part in discussions online every day, and online influencers are writing those blogs, and leading those conversations. If you can find out which blogs, and where these discussions are happening, you can begin to seek out, and build a list of online influencers.

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When Do You Stop Beating A Dead Horse?

Here’s the question: “When do you stop beating a dead horse?”

Here’s the answer: “When you can say to yourself, ‘This deal is unworkable on my terms and I’m not going to spend any more of my straight commission time on it.’”

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Talent Acquisition Does Not Require Frustration!

No Frustration Required to Succeed at Recruiting 

Today’s recruiting landscape offers enormous opportunity that if effectively exploited, can land you on the beach in early retirement at the top of the financial food chain.

You must face certain realities.

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The Employee Experience: Candidacy

Doreen PettyIn my last article, I discussed the employee experience as analogous to building a house. In that discussion, I identified the various HR folks as the architects and planners of the experience, while the first-line supervisors and organization leaders are the builders and construction workers who execute on the plan for a home where employees will want to move in and begin "decorating" to fit their needs and wants.

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