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Recruiting & Candidate Development

Candidate Development is especially critical in recruitment. Even if it's an entry level position, candidates still need to be developed, coached and prepared. Some candidates need hand holding. Some need to be groomed. They can have top notch skills but interview horribly. Or they can have a hard time quantifying and qualifying their experience. At this point some extra hand holding comes in handy. This section holds article addressing all these nuances. Also find updated information on the recruiting trends, insights, tools or resources.

Stories of a Mexican recruiter negotiating with Japanese professionals & executives.

I studied Japanese for a few years. I had the opportunity to live in Japan and I have "negotiated' with them in many different ways since 1992.

I would like to share my 2 cents regarding my learning experience and observations over the years. I am going to divide my comments on 2 or maybe 3 contributions due to the length of the information to be shared.

“When a Japanese say yes, he means maybe; if he says maybe he means no; but if he says no he stops being Japanese” (Hisanori Isumura. President of the Japan House of Culture in Paris).

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Catch phrases recruiters should NEVER use!

Some years ago a friendly HR manager and I were discussing how to go about politely and diplomatically telling a candidate he was being passed up. Without realizing it, the company HR recruiter started using some phrases which made me chuckle.


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Bob MarshallBelow is my ‘take’ on guarantees and some of the verbiage I recommend.  Use it as you deem necessary:
Although I have no huge problem with 30 day replacement guarantees and even 90 day prorated replacement guarantees, I would recommend that you make one major point with your Hiring Managers.  And here it is: 


“But That’s The Way We Work With ALL THE OTHER RECRUITERS … Why Can’t You?”

Frank RisalvatoI’ve learned to be wary of claims companies make. I have developed a keen ability to spot certain patterns. As the years turn into decades, I’ve had the good fortune to confirm, validate, and verify that my hunches and assumptions were accurate.

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Recruiting Changed, Have You?

dougbbustToday’s recruiting landscape offers enormous opportunity that if effectively exploited, can land you on the beach in early retirement at the top of the financial food chain. There has never been such a fertile intersection of conditions for the recruiting practice and process. But, you must face certain realities. The recession/depression/economic turndown/recovery (choose your favorite label) presents a long period where recruiters should take stock in what they are doing and what the challenges the recovery will put before them.

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