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Recruiting & Candidate Development

Candidate Development is especially critical in recruitment. Even if it's an entry level position, candidates still need to be developed, coached and prepared. Some candidates need hand holding. Some need to be groomed. They can have top notch skills but interview horribly. Or they can have a hard time quantifying and qualifying their experience. At this point some extra hand holding comes in handy. This section holds article addressing all these nuances. Also find updated information on the recruiting trends, insights, tools or resources.

Definition of Recruiting

frabj resakvati Merriam Webster’s definition of recruiting is:

to secure the services of :engage, hire

Judging from this definition, recruiting would appear to be a simple proposition anyone with business sense could pull off.

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How a Solid Onboarding Process Can Help You Improve Employee Retention

DaveDartFrom start to finish, the hiring process can be lengthy and complex with so many steps, people, negotiations, and costs involved. When a new hire is finally set up with a start date, you may think the hiring process has finally ended… and now on to the next one. Ideally your process should continue to another essential phase…onboarding.

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Key Traits of Great Recruiters

dougCriteria Focused: 
Top producing recruiters, by either great training or hard knocks, have determined the key criteria of what constitutes a great search assignment or job order. They never compromise these criteria by request or demand.

Even on a bad day (Yes, they have them too!) they stick to their proverbial guns in this War for Talent realizing that any condition from a client that compromises their effectiveness and process fails everyone. 


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How To Get Your Perfect Candidate Hired

jimstroudpicHow many times have you found the perfect candidate, presented him (or her) to the Hiring Manager and then… nothing? The Hiring Manager has urged you to step up your efforts but when it comes time to make a decision, its an exercise in “analysis paralysis.”

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How Companies Can Use Pinterest For Job Posting and Recruiting


I first tweeted about this new concept to my Twitter followers early in February 2012 here and here.

 I recently tested a new way of sharing Jobs on Pinterest...

 What I discovered is a fresh new way to post jobs and recruit talent!

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