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Frequently Asked Questions about Protection for Religious Clothing or Hairstyles in California

Question #1 
 What is “religious dress?”

Although it has not yet been defined by a court, “religious dress” means virtually any piece of clothing or accessory that signifies or expresses a religious creed or belief. 



Behavior is the mirror that shows our image

I have to thank one of our local churches once again for providing the ammunition for this post. They had on their electronic message board in the front of the church yesterday the message “Behavior is the mirror in which we show our image.”


When a Reporter Calls: Ensure Your Business Puts Its Best Face Forward

My career as a business attorney and counselor is still relatively young, but in working with clients who are conscious not just of potential legal issues, but also of building and maintaining their business reputation in the community, I find myself reflecting on a period, before law school, when I was a reporter for a small town newspaper.


Hard work, hard lives: The new “American dream”?

While thousands are gathering along the Mall in Washington, DC today, thousands more will be walking off their fast food and retail jobs to protest low wages. Fifty years after the March for Jobs and Freedom and MLK’s “I have a dream” speech, what do we do about a society that offers increasingly less opportunity for those who are willing to work hard, and long, and well?


Sourcers be aware: Court Rules Accessing a Public Website Isn't A Crime, But Hiding Your IP Address Could Be

In the ongoing legal battle between craigslist and 3taps, a new court opinion makes clear that people are "authorized" under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) to access a public website. But what the court gave with one hand it took with the other, as it also ruled that sending a cease-and-desist letter and blocking an IP address is enough to "revoke" this authorization.


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