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Organizational Development

This area is chuck full of resources for the development and reinforcement of organizational strategies, structures, and processes for improving an organization's effectiveness.

The Employer Bill of Rights

jonhymanAccording to Liz Ryan, writing at “Actual employee rights in the U.S. are fairly limited.” She posits that because “it’s legal to make hiring and termination decisions for random (nondiscriminatory) reasons” (such as an employee’s favorite sports team), employees need a “Bill of Rights” to protect themselves.

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Is the fear of Failure ever a good motivation tool

pattischiapaIs the Fear of Failure the “Big Gun’ of motivational tools? Or just another negative voice in your head.   The answer may surprise you.

The phrase Fear of Failure usually carries with it a stigma of being a ‘negative’ motivator, and therefore not a good motivator. I say ‘negative schmegative’.

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Why Employees Resist Change

peterstarkonline400pxChanges in the economy and the business environment have forced some organizations to change the way they do business. Whether we like it or not, managers and supervisors are the ones who have to implement the changes. In addition to the more traditional skills we possess as supervisors, it is critical that we understand our role as leaders, or change agents, in these rapidly changing times.

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FlexJobs Survey: Why People Want Telecommuting and Flexible Work

survey copyBoulder, CO, August 23 – FlexJobs releases the results of its recently conducted survey, which was done to learn more about its audience, their job searches, and why telecommuting and flexible work options are important to them. With over 800 responses, the survey gives insight into job seekers who want flexibility in their careers.

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The global marketplace changed, but did your organization?

danielbloomI recently posted a blog entry entitled "open letter to the CEO" and one of the readers took me to task for posting something with a misspelling because I used the term Stakeholder instead of Shareholder.

While we might be talking semantics here, I thin for every organization there is tremendous potential to change the focus from shareholder to stakeholder.


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