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Organizational Development

This area is chuck full of resources for the development and reinforcement of organizational strategies, structures, and processes for improving an organization's effectiveness.

The Product of work is people…….

As stated in an earlier blog I have been studying lately about the whole area of socio-technical systems within our organizations as advanced by Larry Miller. It is a very unique way to look at our organizations. In one of the articles I was reading we came across a very profound statement.

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You Reap What You Sow

Now that spring has finally arrived, it is the time of year for planting flowers and vegetables…and for those of us from farm country, planting crops.  We at The AR Group also think it is a good time for our clients to think about whether they have also sowed the seeds of success for their businesses.  As a business owner or HR manager, we encourage you to ponder the following “seeds” to ensure your business reaps these much needed benefits.

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How you change is the change!

I recently had the opportunity to read a new book by Lawrence M. Miller entitled Getting to Lean: Transformational Change Management Beyond Problem-solving to Co-Creating the Future. In full transparency I have known Larry for over 40 years as we were classmates at a small liberal arts college in Iowa called Parsons College.

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Is Leadership an Occupation

Recently, I met someone who’s looking for a new opportunity (read: they’re unemployed).  When I asked them what kind of work they were looking for, they said they wanted to be a leader.

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Please Do Not Judge a Book by It’s Degree– The Marissa Mayer Edict Part II

Over the past almost 7 years that we have been blogging int he HR space we have made much about the bad decision by corporate management to rely solely on the recruitment of passive candidates to fulfill their talent management needs. Now Yahoo has reportedly taken this to a new level - Not only can you not work outside the office, you have to have ivory tower credentials to boot.

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