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As More Americans Have Surgeries Overseas, US Companies Consider 'Medical Tourism' a Health Care Option

Joy Guion was boarding a plane for the first time to fly from her native North Carolina to Costa Rica, a sun-soaked tourism hot spot where she would stay in a four-star hotel with a personal concierge and a local driver.


But the 39-year-old utility worker from Hickory, N.C., wasn't going to Costa Rica for vacation. At 5-foot-9 and 283 pounds, Guion has "severe chronic obesity" and a family history of diabetes and heart disease, and she was headed to a Costa Rican hospital for weight loss surgery.


Government Shutdown - what can you do, and what's not available?

How does a Government Shut Down Affect You?

During the Government Shutdown, many crucial services will be impacted. We will keep this page as up to date as possible with information on agencies and services that are open and closed. All of my offices remain open and staffed for the immediate future to help you with specific issues.


Poll: More People Support Affordable Care Act than they do ObamaCare.

More Americans oppose the health care law when you call it Obamacare—46% of Americans oppose the health care law when it carries Obama’s name, while just 37% oppose the Affordable Care Act.


LinkedIn Denies Spamming, Tapping User Email

LinkedIn has categorically rejected allegations that it makes a practice of tapping into users' private email accounts and exploiting their contact lists to send spam – charges brought forth in a class-action lawsuit filed last week.


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