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A $10.10 Minimum Wage Would Make A DVD At Walmart Cost One Cent More

Raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour would increase the price of a $16 product at Walmart, such as the typical DVD, by just a cent if all of the extra costs were passed on to consumers, according to an analysis by an economist for Bloomberg News.


Whole Foods Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over Criminal Background Checks

A California man has filed a class action lawsuit against Whole Foods Market California Inc. for allegedly obtaining a background check on job applicants using a consent form that is not legally valid.


EEOC Threatens Enforcement Raids Through 2016: Employers Should Act Now

The EEOC’s four-year strategic enforcement plan promises more—and more aggressive—investigations to ferret out systemic employment discrimination.  Pay equity is near the top of the EEOC’s target list.  The best defense to an EEOC attack is a good offense:  Employers should conduct their own pay equity audits before the EEOC comes knocking.  Here are three critical steps employers should take to make the most of this defense:


JOD Settles Immigration Discrimination Claim Against MA Staffing Agency SD Staffing

The Justice Department reached an agreement today with SD Staffing LLC (SD Staffing), aka Atwork Personnel Services Inc., a company based in Methuen, Mass., resolving claims that the staffing company engaged in citizenship status discrimination in violation of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).


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