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Human Resource (HR)

If you are looking for a wide selection of general HR issues not addressed by other categories you will likely find it here

I am just sayin……..

DANIEL BLOOMMy “daughter” likes to preface her more profound statements with the saying “ I am just sayin…” and it seemed appropriate for this post to begin with her saying. Over the past year there has been much discussion in the social media realm about the future of HR.

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Why Would We Do That?

I recently picked up a copy of the local Tampa newspaper and found an article regarding the teachers being upset with the new accountability system. It was not that they were upset about the system. They were upset about the fact that the data collected was not compared to anyone outside of their district.

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See It!! Feel It!!! Change it!!!

In the beginning of March I will be traveling to Raleigh to participate in the Capital Associated Industries Conference "HR 20/20: Focus, Evolve, Lead, facilitating a breakout session on identifying waste in your organization.

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What Should a Manager Do When Employees Are Not Team Players?

Handling Problem Employees

Several managers have relayed stories to us about their employees’ lack of commitment and support for teamwork. Sometimes the employees are relatively new to the organization. More often than not, the employees they are describing have been with the organization or the department for a long time. Either way, when employees do not display behaviors that promote teamwork, there is a problem and the manager needs to address the issue.

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Are you a fly in the ointment?

Being a “fly in the ointment” is not a good thing.  This simple idiom translates into times when things are going along according to plan until an unforeseen event (our little friend, the fly) occurs and stops progress in its tracks.  It complicates situations and can become a larger hassle to work through.

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