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Career / Personal Development

This area will help you enhance your career through developing yourself and your staff in ways that will enrich life, enhance relationships and escalate progress. You will find professional and  career planning resources that can help you set and realize your career,  personal, and professional goals. Not just for you personally, but also for your business, and employees as well.

You got the job!

Anytime you’re in a position to evaluate a job offer against your current gig, it can be stressful but not a bad problem to have, right?  When you have a job and have been working hard at finding a new one by squeezing in job interviews and sending “thank you” notes, pat yourself on the back when you receive that offer letter from the company who has chosen you to work for them!

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How To Network Naturally

Jacqui Barrett-PoindexterA rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” This Shakespearean quote resonates as I ponder the value of networking.

If only networking were under the guise of a different name. Personally, I bristle when someone uses the word, ‘networking,’ an odd reaction considering the line of work I am in. I use the term, because of its universal appeal, but sparingly, as I believe there are better ways to articulate how to forge, cultivate and leverage value-add relationships in one’s career.

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Before you lose your job: Tactics to review before the change.

Hearing whispers in the office corridors about layoffs or future terminations strikes terror and instills worry in everyone – especially in the current economic crisis. If the job is in jeopardy, start taking steps to ensure readiness for that final HR call. 

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What to do if your job sucks!

You are into the 11th  month of your new job.  There is no psychological lift from your work. The boss is a serious micro manager.  You are not having much fun.  You are at your wits end and see no relief ahead.  What should you go?

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Seven Acts of Random Courtesy after You Land

As I reflect on my years and experience as a career coach and a mentor I once again am reminded that there is an obligation to return the favor for the kindness and generosity of the network in securing a new gig. 

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