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Career / Personal Development

This area will help you enhance your career through developing yourself and your staff in ways that will enrich life, enhance relationships and escalate progress. You will find professional and  career planning resources that can help you set and realize your career,  personal, and professional goals. Not just for you personally, but also for your business, and employees as well.

How to Electrify Your Resume

Even while channels proliferate to communicate your passions, position and career preferences, the resume remains firm as your calling card and one of the essential documents that helps you define who you are, what you do and the value you bring to the table.

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What are you worth?

A part of my HR Consulting business is career coaching.   One of the things that I hear frequently when candidates are interviewing for jobs is, “I’m worth more than that.”   I really need to share and clarify the difference in thinking between you and your employer about your worth.

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New Year and a New Plan

If the thought of leaving your current position has crossed your mind, take control of the process and make it a move that counts. Avoid a knee-jerk reaction to apply for a posted position that catches your eye and start the year fresh with a solid plan for making a strategic change that steers you toward your ideal situation rather than yet another dead end.

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Part two : Now that you lost your job – what next?

Nothing is scarier than walking out the door of the company that just laid you off – or terminated you for cause – and not knowing what your next step is going to be or how to tell the family.  Only fools never plan for contingencies, but even a wise person may not know how or what to plan for in the case of losing one’s job.   An easy to use checklist might help.

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Why There’s No Shame in Your Job Burnout

I used to be ashamed of my job burnout.hought it meant I was weak and a failure.

I never heard anyone else talking about it at the office, and it seemed like I was alone in the land of fried and fizzled careers.

Even after I turned my career around, I didn’t like sharing my job burnout history.

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