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Human Resource Directors: Avoiding “Document Abuse”

Most of the time, when an immigration attorney obtains permanent residence in the U.S. for a client, it’s time to write a congratulations letter, and turn one’s attention to other matters. In October 1998, our firm obtained a green card through suspension of deportation for one of our clients.


New Year and a New Plan

If the thought of leaving your current position has crossed your mind, take control of the process and make it a move that counts. Avoid a knee-jerk reaction to apply for a posted position that catches your eye and start the year fresh with a solid plan for making a strategic change that steers you toward your ideal situation rather than yet another dead end.


Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery and today is present

You read that real quick didn’t you? But go back and really consider the implications of the words themselves to the human resource professional in the daily exercise of their responsibilities.


Working Interviews – Are They Legal?

JeanetteEirichI am a confessed foodie and enjoy learning and absorbing what I can about cooking, dining and entertaining.  My television seems to automatically land on Food Network and one of my favorite shows is Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell. 


Part two : Now that you lost your job – what next?

Nothing is scarier than walking out the door of the company that just laid you off – or terminated you for cause – and not knowing what your next step is going to be or how to tell the family.  Only fools never plan for contingencies, but even a wise person may not know how or what to plan for in the case of losing one’s job.   An easy to use checklist might help.


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