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The 600 lb. position opening in the room

The critical position for which you are recruiting has been open longer than anyone likes.  The issues and challenges that the hired candidate will manage are an increasing burden on the already short staff.  No one wants to say so but people are muttering that this person must not exist. You are starting to have a growing sense of futility in your best efforts. Those directly affected by this open position are turning up the heat.


Why did the process improvement not meet expectations?

Those of you who have followed our blogs since their origination will likely be surprised by the title of this post. I have not changed my view that we are involved in a new era where change is not only a fact of life; it is mandatory for the survival of our businesses.


"Water. Rest. Shade." and acclimatization are critical in preventing heat illness and fatalities

WATER. REST. SHADE. The work can't get done without them.

Annual summer campaign to prevent heat-related illnesses launched by US Labor Department

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration has announced the launch of its annual Campaign to Prevent Heat Illness in Outdoor Workers. For the fourth consecutive year, OSHA's campaign aims to raise awareness and educate workers and employers about the dangers of working in hot weather and provide resources and guidance to address these hazards.


So You Want to Start a Business.. Now What?

VanessaBarnett starting businessWith nearly half a million new businesses starting every month in the United States, it would seem that starting a business has never been easier.  Not so fast.  

While it is true that almost anyone can, literally overnight, start a business or work from their own virtual office, and that for many folks, development of a business concept is easy enough, far too few of us take the time to consider the appropriate legal structure for either the venture or the personal interests of the business owner.


Why Would We Do That?

I recently picked up a copy of the local Tampa newspaper and found an article regarding the teachers being upset with the new accountability system. It was not that they were upset about the system. They were upset about the fact that the data collected was not compared to anyone outside of their district.


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Healthcare Costs grew a cumulative 138% between 1999 and 2010 and outpacing cumulative wage growth of 42% over the same period. Average employer costs for health insurance per employee hour rose from $1.60 to $3.35 during the 1999 to 2010 period. This almost 110% increase in average costs per hour was  much larger than the 39% increase in average employer payroll costs per hour for these workers  KFF


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