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1. Training, Development and Retention
Employee retention is a key challenge in organizations today. This section includes tips, articles, tools and ideas to learn employee retention strategies that will help you retain your best staff and ...
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2. Compliance and Legal
In this area you will find articles unique the legal and compliance challenges companies face today. Learn methods of prevention, risk management and safety for your business. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ...
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3. Do We really have to tell you? Leave the Cel Phone alone during an interview.
(News Articles)
... Manpower. "Life has gotten more casual," Swan says. "They don't realize (the interview) is a sales event. Read More : ...
Created on 14 July 2018
4. Misclassification of Employees as Independent Contractors
(Compensation and Benefits )
... Misclassification In today’s strained fiscal environment, both federal and state governments are taking enhanced steps to combat employer misclassification. On the federal level, the IRS audits employers ...
Created on 11 October 2016
5. EEOC Releases New Online Resource Center for Small Businesses
(Business / Client Dev / Marketing)
... Opportunity Commission (EEOC) released today a new online resource center designed to help small business owners comply with the laws enforced by EEOC. The Small Business Resource Center (SBRC), ...
Created on 27 September 2016
6. To your Successful Job Search
(Career / Personal Development)
... would be great at, but unfortunately not what they have actually done, or have gained any practical experience in. Eventually this leads to even more challenges. Especially today, with so many unemployed, ...
Created on 23 August 2016
7. It's embarrassing to be a Recruiter today. Recruiters Really Suck! A recruiter's Perspective
... is paid off, I worked hard, and invested like crazy, so now I want to work for fun. Today, that is the one I am waiting on feedback for. Feedback for a phone interview, mind you. Go figure. At ...
Created on 18 August 2016
8. The Elusive Passive Candidate.. they do exist
(Sourcing and Research)
... integrity, confidentiality.  Ah, confidentiality, don’t get me started on recruiters and confidentiality... that is another paper in itself. Today, I stand firm in my beliefs that For a TPR to ...
Created on 08 June 2016
9. How to Electrify your Resume
(Career / Personal Development)
... you are, what you do, and the value you bring to the table. I know; there is much talk today about the importance of the resume or the declining value of it. The fact remains that the resume is still ...
Created on 08 June 2016
10. Facebook, Credit Checks, Criminal Records? Where the Law Stands on Employee Social Media and Background Checks
(Compliance and Legal)
... skills, high qualifications, and experience. (Source: AARP). Just because today’s job market is considered a buyer’s market doesn’t mean it isn’t worth doing your due diligence.  But do it ...
Created on 08 June 2016
11. Your Big Placement Just Blew Up. Your Biggest Biller Just Quit. Now What?
(Sourcing and Research)
... my family. I won’t be showing up at XYZ Software today…” We’ve all received that call, several times, no matter how good we are. Next situation, you as a recruiting firm owner, have tried to do everything ...
Created on 08 June 2016
12. Brains, Brawn and Bravado; Incentives to Hire the “Experienced”
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
  On the occasion of Mark Zuckerberg’s 30th birthday, I am yet again painfully reminded about the dilemma faced by experienced professionals in today’s job market. As plaudits and posts pile up ...
Created on 08 June 2016
13. The 600 lb. position opening in the room
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
... competing for talent. The U.S. Industrial economy, based and built upon a population twice as large as it is today, needs added professional talent to recover. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports ...
Created on 08 June 2016
14. Surprise! You Shouldn’t Answer the Phone When Recruiters Call
  This has to sound like the stupidest idea you have ever heard. How can you get the job if you don’t actually talk to someone?   Even in today’s technological age when you can communicate ...
Created on 08 June 2016
15. Apple Orchard Method of Candidate Development - the advantage of networking
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
... Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and staffing industry experts discussing and debating difficult issues about discrimination in today’s workplace environment. Company executives, hiring managers, recruiters, ...
Created on 07 April 2016
16. American Fool, Why The Arrogance-Get Your Facts Straight?
... start-up companies to expand. Today, Dr. Johnson spends more time than before pondering cultural differences, societal perception, and political matters.   At times he summarizes these matters ...
Created on 19 February 2016
17. The college degree is a useless overqualification
(Testing And Assessment)
Why do we overqualify candidates using education as a mandatory requirement?- Everyone, Please Please humor me a sec whilst I do some math here.. As it stands, today, according to the United ...
Created on 26 August 2014
18. Why There’s No Shame in Your Job Burnout
(Career / Personal Development)
... reading today. When you’re experiencing job burnout, you can take comfort that there’s no shame in it. And here are three reasons why…Z   #1. Job Burnout is ...
Created on 10 October 2013
19. How to handle ‘gaps’ in your employment resume.
(Career / Personal Development)
... sitter today?) were honed on the job. Social Lapses (prison, rehab, hospitalized).  Some career paths such as banking, financial counselors, medical staff, and government contracting positions ...
Created on 09 October 2013
20. An Employers Guide to Reducing Costs in the Health Care System: Learning From What Has Been
... costs, concerns about prescription drug prices, and a possible increase in the number of uninsured Americans. Today's policymakers are searching for ways to decrease the current levels of growth ...
Created on 06 October 2013
21. Time’s up, pencils down: EEOC final fiscal year end filing totals provide surprises and insight
(General HR)
... with 48 of its 134 filed in the last two months of the year – 11 today alone. Consider the graph below, capturing the month-to-month filing statistics for FY 2013. EEOC Cases Filed By Month ...
Created on 03 October 2013
22. Immigration Reform Bill Would Make It Easier to Recruit International Physicians
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
... in healthcare today. Fortunately, there is some good news. The pending Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill (S.744) would make significant and far reaching changes in the laws governing the ...
Created on 30 September 2013
23. Recommendations up or laterally may get you positively noticed.
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
... digital copies that are hard to distinguish from the original, and letterhead paper is easy to get lost in the paper shuffle.What has become valuable with today’s technology is an online recommendation ...
Created on 29 September 2013
24. Do Privately-held Companies Have a Competitive Edge Over Public Companies for Attracting and Retaining Employees?
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
... reported today that Sears Holdings and Darden Restaurants are planning a radical change in the way they provide health benefits to their workers. They will give employees a fixed sum of money and allow ...
Created on 26 September 2013
25. ObamaCare Prices are finally Revealed -Significant choice and lower than expected premiums available in the new Health Insurance Marketplace
(Health / Safety / Risk Mgmt)
Obamacare Premiums Report Shows Low Prices For Uninsured With Wide Variation - average Monthly Cost across the US is $328 A new report released today by the Department of Health and Human ...
Created on 25 September 2013
26. Grow HR into Something Big
(General HR)
... leaping from one end of the spectrum to the other can be a daunting endeavor. Business today needs their HR organizations to be strong in their ability to examine and analyze the data collected in ...
Created on 24 September 2013
27. NY Cracking down on Fake Online Reviews With 19 Companies To Pay More Than $350,000 In Fines each
(News Articles)
... General Eric T. Schneiderman today announced that 19 companies had agreed to cease their practice of writing fake online reviews for businesses and to pay more than $350,000 in penalties. "Operation ...
Created on 23 September 2013
28. EEOC wins LandMark Transgender Case
(News Articles)
... transgender, the EEOC announced today. An investigation by the EEOC's Minneapolis Area Office revealed that the owner of Don's Valley Market terminated the well-performing employee, who ...
Created on 17 September 2013
29. In Search of a Job: Criminal Records as Barriers to Employment
(Employee / Labor Relations)
... the last 30 years, the incarcerated population has more than quadrupled, and today, just under 2.3 million men and women are held in prisons and jails.[11] In 2008, the Pew Center on the States brought ...
Created on 16 September 2013
30. Get off the Bench
... it that is where HR is today. We are on that bench. We as HR professionals seem to be complacent with staying in one position even if that leads us to be marginalized within our organizations. We ...
Created on 15 September 2013
31. AIM SMARTER” Goal Setting Recipe
... bits in the business world today.  If you are new to the acronym, it stands for:  Specific: What exactly is the outcome?    Measurable: The quantifiable or qualifiable ...
Created on 08 September 2013
32. In the U.S., 21st Century Skills Linked to Work Success
(News Articles)
... used in learning. According to the study, 21st century skills prepare and equip youth for the challenges and demands of work in today's knowledge-based, technology-driven, globalized environment. An ...
Created on 03 September 2013
33. Behavior is the mirror that shows our image
(Org Development)
... a CEO told an employee that she was too fat and old to be with customers. As a CEO in today’s marketplace you are challenged to find good employees. Not by your view of what good is, but ones that ...
Created on 02 September 2013
34. Hard work, hard lives: The new “American dream”?
(Surveys & White Papers)
While thousands are gathering along the Mall in Washington, DC today, thousands more will be walking off their fast food and retail jobs to protest low wages. Fifty years after the March for Jobs and ...
Created on 29 August 2013
35. US Labor Department announces final rules to improve employment of veterans, people with disabilities
(News Articles)
WASHINGTON, D.C. — The U.S. Department of Labor today announced two final rules to improve hiring and employment of veterans and for people with disabilities. One rule updates requirements under ...
Created on 28 August 2013
36. EEOC Says Office Manager Used Security Cameras to Ogle Female Subordinate's Breasts
(News Articles)
... its operations manager to create a sexually hostile working environment against one of its female employees, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charged in a lawsuit filed today. According ...
Created on 28 August 2013
37. Firing At-Will Employees: Legal Limitations
(Employee / Labor Relations)
... you against dismissal—or other discrimination—on account of your sex just as it does on account of your race.  The statute uses the term “sex.”  In common usage today, ...
Created on 26 August 2013
38. How Congress Can Undo The Supreme Court’s Attack On Workers’ Rights
(News Articles)
...  More info on the cases can be found here : ##  ...
Created on 25 August 2013
39. {Sandberg’d} The movement isn’t real if its leaders aren’t…
(Compensation and Benefits )
... Hindes, is an industry leader, national author and keynote speaker on emotional integrity and authenticity in today’s online media. With 15+ years of combined experience for news media, state government ...
Created on 20 August 2013
40. The Product of work is people…….
(Org Development)
... forward to today and are we still meeting that model? In many organizations the answer is no. We consider employees to be an expense item and just a number. We look at the ability of the organization to ...
Created on 19 August 2013
41. Court Dismisses EEOC’s Background Check Lawsuit Based On Its Reliance On “Laughable” And “Unreliable” Expert Report Filled Of “Errors and Analytical Fallacies”
(News Articles)
In a scathing opinion issued today in EEOC v. Freeman, No. 09-CV-2573 (D. Md. Aug. 9, 2013), Judge Roger Titus of the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland dismissed a nationwide pattern ...
Created on 19 August 2013
42. The Global Workforce: Capitalizing On Pending Immigration Reform?
... comprehensive legal, HR, and compliance management support by a collaborative and cost effective provider, please contact us today. Specialties Business Law, HR Consulting, Employment Law, Government ...
Created on 25 July 2013
43. Baby Boomers: Find Your Voice using Social Media
(Social Media)
... including people with disabilities in the workforce.  Today, Sara and Debra speak all over the world about inclusion, diversity, social inclusion, digital divide, Internet, Communications and Technology ...
Created on 22 July 2013
44. New York Says Obamacare Is Going to Cut Rates in Half for People Who Buy Their Own Insurance
(News Articles)
... Exchange NEW YORK, NY – Today, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that the Department of Financial Services (DFS) has approved health insurance plan rates for 17 insurers seeking ...
Created on 20 July 2013
45. Immigration: Success Story: Is It Unauthorized Employment to Run a Business?
... (and him) for a green card.  Today, he and his family are U.S. citizens. Over the years, he has referred dozens of investors to our law firm.  Today, we obtain E-2 visas for persons from ...
Created on 18 July 2013
46. Leaders, Time to Get Your Shift Together
In a time of scarcity, the greatest abundance is the plentiful of being more of who we already are. Today’s leaders own a lot. We are responsible for a continuum that has the bottom line ...
Created on 14 July 2013
47. 100 most social HR experts on Twitter
So a list of “the 100 most social HR experts on Twitter” this list has been doing the rounds today, courtesy of this Huffington Post article.  I call BS. First up though, I want ...
Created on 07 July 2013
48. GAY RECRUITING - LGBT Staffing Critical to a Diversity Strategy
... Stanford, Grinnell, and a host of other universities participated. If you speak to any college recruiter today, they’ll tell you that Gay teens are often very high achieving and driven students. ...
Created on 01 July 2013
49. 3 Remedies for the Long-Term, Unhappily EMPLOYED
(Career / Personal Development)
... career does not exude the energy to compete in today’s challenging job-search race. Remedy: If you feel a career strategist (resume and portfolio writer and/or career coach) is essential to ...
Created on 18 June 2013
50. Stories of a Mexican recruiter negotiating with Japanese professionals & executives.
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
... and “Tatemae” are arguably a cultural necessity resulting from a large number of people living in a comparatively small island nation. Even with modern farming techniques, Japan today domestically ...
Created on 02 May 2013
51. 7 Immigration Facts And Myths
... fluctuations in the U.S. economy’s demand for labor creates incentives for millions of people to immigrate into the United States without legal authorization to do so. As a result, today there ...
Created on 07 April 2013
52. Could this be the "Misinformation Age?"
(Social Media)
... direct, temporary, contract, and retained search.  She is also one of the leading recruiting, sales, management, motivational, and internationally renowned training professionals today. Barb ...
Created on 28 February 2013
53. Definition of Recruiting
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
... sense could pull off. Here’s our definition of recruiting based on today’s modern reality: The research, identification and study of specific candidate prospects coordinated with ...
Created on 02 January 2013
(Surveys & White Papers)
... is today. Greater racial and ethnic diversity can be found throughout the workforce. Workers who once would have been forced out of jobs due to mandatory retirement policies can choose to remain in the ...
Created on 26 December 2012
55. Long-term strategies and short-term operational excellence.
(Org Development)
... is clear to me is that strategies come in many “time frames” My mantra is: You must do today to protect your future, without sacrificing today! Always have a clear vision of your ...
Created on 18 December 2012
56. Tis the Season for Holiday Workplace Issues. Day 1 - Avoiding Holiday Party Liability When the Office Santa Tries to Teach His Employees a Few "Reindeer Games"
(Health / Safety / Risk Mgmt)
... put together our top five holiday headaches employers, which will be provided to you in a week-long series starting today. Numero uno on our list: Sexual harassment at the office holiday party. ...
Created on 10 December 2012
57. Truth in Endorsement and Advertising Disclosure : FTC's Revised Rules
... Endorsement Guides were written in1980, they didn’t address social media. The legal principles haven’t changed. The FTC revised the examples to show how these standards apply in today’s ...
Created on 01 December 2012
58. How Your Business Can Support Family Involvement In Education -- and Benefit
(Compensation and Benefits )
...  By supporting family involvement, you help today's students to become tomorrow's well educated, highly skilled, and motivated workforce. Businesses can enjoy many of these benefits ...
Created on 27 November 2012
59. Is the fear of Failure ever a good motivation tool
(Org Development)
... the data, or lost a client; That’s the instant I know that I will not fail today or tomorrow ~~ Meanwhile . . . I’m still working on getting that day off with pay for my good behavior. Any suggestions? ...
Created on 11 October 2012
60. Do you practice Safe Facebooking?
(Career / Personal Development)
... CAREFUL of what YOU POST! Go through your friend list TODAY and remove anyone you don’t really know – Trust me – they are NOT your friends and I almost guarantee you have people cyber stalking you without ...
Created on 10 October 2012
61. Building Teams from Disparate Corporate Cultures
(Training, Development and Retention)
We are working with more and more clients today that are recruiting talent from outside of their industry in an effort to gain competitive advantage. For example, I recently placed a talented developer ...
Created on 04 October 2012
62. A Job Board Doesn’t Work Alone
(Career / Personal Development)
Some of the top hiring companies today rely on online job boards like to discover possible candidates for open positions; but the reality is that top talent is rarely hired from a job board, ...
Created on 28 September 2012
63. Make Sure to Comply With Immigration Anti-Discrimination Laws
Most professional recruiters today are no doubt aware that knowingly hiring or continuing to employ undocumented workers is a violation of U.S. immigration law. Violators can be assessed considerable ...
Created on 25 September 2012
64. Hired or possibly not: From both sides of the recruiting wall.
(Career / Personal Development)
... to [redacted] who claimed they were unable to reach me all week to let the me the position had been filled. Now I’m willing to let the error of one administrative assistant go, so today when I saw they ...
Created on 18 September 2012
65. Vision of Professional Office Buildings in a Virtual Organization World
(Surveys & White Papers)
... gain access to these tools.   Communicating and collaborating with our colleagues during a set time is no longer an issue since today's virtual technology allows us virtually instant and ...
Created on 10 September 2012
66. Why Employees Resist Change
(Org Development)
... Business Daily, The New York Times, CNN, Bloomberg, and USA Today. Peter’s career takes him around the world as he helps leaders build organizations where employees love to come to work ...
Created on 31 August 2012
67. How much money do recruiters make?
(Compensation and Benefits )
... whatever state its in.   When I do this “look see,” I typically turn to When I took a look today, I noticed that the “Average independent recruiter salaries ...
Created on 24 August 2012
68. Please put the Human back in H.R
... out. I just could not understand why. But today, that Post I read helped put the finger on it for me. Somewhere in the past 7 years or so the employment industry – Including the Internal Company ...
Created on 05 July 2012
69. USCIS Launches Online Immigration System, USCIS ELIS
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) today launched the first phase of its electronic immigration benefits system, known USCIS ELIS. The system has been created to modernize the process for ...
Created on 23 May 2012
70. The Three Legged Stool of Career Management
(Career / Personal Development)
Effectively managing your career in the economy of today is a vastly different world than it was just a few short years ago. No longer does it suffice to have just a resume of qualifications and access ...
Created on 23 May 2012
71. A Supervisor's Guide to Social Media, Part One
(Health / Safety / Risk Mgmt)
... racist email about President Obama to six "friends" and it somehow found its way onto the internet. Remember, too, that social media is archived, much like email. As a result, things that you post today ...
Created on 10 May 2012
72. Balancing Labor Costs And Wage-Hour Laws
(Compensation and Benefits )
... to productivity so as to increase revenue (see our post on the Section 7(i) exemption, for example).  Of course, in today's legal environment, it is essential to evaluate these matters carefully ...
Created on 07 May 2012
73. When Talking About Unions You Cannot Avoid Talking About Politics
(Employee / Labor Relations)
I occasionally get a critique from students on my “political” views about unions. But it is hard to talk about unions without being somewhat political, at least not in today’s current ...
Created on 03 May 2012
74. Key Traits of Great Recruiters
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
... can be reached at his Destin Florida Search Consulting firm, the Douglas Howard Group, 850.424.6933Call Doug today at 850.424.6933 or email him at , he will take you to your ...
Created on 27 April 2012
75. Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and Other Disasters: Small Businesses Should Take Steps to Be Prepared Now - Tips
(Health / Safety / Risk Mgmt)
Sometimes disasters strike without warning, such as earthquakes, including the one millions of Americans felt today on the East Coast.  Other times, we have a few days to prepare, like we have ...
Created on 20 April 2012
76. Six Reasons Why Employers Should Use Recruiters
... as one of the most serious threats facing corporate hiring managers in America today. Many companies are experiencing up to a 50% rejection rate on their offers. When you factor in the time wasted, the ...
Created on 09 April 2012
77. H.R Look Beyond the Hoodie
(Org Development)
... like Zimmerman saw them out and about, decided they didn't belong and took the law into their own hands. It makes me sad and mad to know that's still happening today! Especially when I have 3 hoodie-rocking ...
Created on 03 April 2012
78. How to get a job in a stressed economy
(Career / Personal Development)
... Companies don't Need nor want to "fit" square pegs in round holes today. They definitely don't need warm bodies. and they Definitely don't need to train anyone who isn't ...
Created on 21 March 2012
79. Are Unpaid Internships Worth The Risk?
(Compensation and Benefits )
... in the current wage-hour environment, it should surprise no one that, as USA Today recently reported, many organizations are doing away with these internships altogether.  Perhaps this represents ...
Created on 14 March 2012
80. Should the Unemployed also be Unemployable?
... time out of work has been a viable predictor of performance and turnover.But today, you have the significant confounding factor of the down economy. The story pointed out that the chance of finding ...
Created on 05 March 2012
81. Health Insurance: Group Vs. Health
(Health / Safety / Risk Mgmt)
... premiums, group coverage was the way to go in most cases. That was before the explosion of health care costs and economic downturn. Today, while many companies struggle to keep their doors open, the ...
Created on 20 February 2012
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
... jellyfish well, it is bad news for anyone in business¾especially corporate Staffing professionals. In today’s fast-paced and hyper-competitive economy a passive approach is doomed to fail. ...
Created on 08 February 2012
83. My truck does more for me than HR!
(General HR)
...  He said. “I’m not drinking cause of the dentist; I’m drinking cause I dislike many things about today.” “I mean lets face it! Today work gave me a perfect attendance award because I didn’t use any ...
Created on 03 February 2012
84. Tips and Ideas to Engage Your Employees and Outperform the Competition!
(Training, Development and Retention)
... by ignoring or not acknowledging the employee.¢   About Jacquelyn Thorp, MSHR, SPHR-CA Jacquelyn is a trainer and partner in Train Me Today, a consortium of trainers that center it’s training ...
Created on 02 February 2012
85. Equality Undercover - An inside view of Chicago's covert struggle to root out job discrimination.
(Surveys & White Papers)
... Fearing public condemnation (or even worse, legal action), today’s bigots seldom wear their prejudice on their sleeves. Instead, when a minority applicant comes knocking, employers will offer up ...
Created on 31 January 2012
86. Good Cop – Bad Cop Method of Fee Collecting
(Business / Client Dev / Marketing)
... was to be received in 15 days in order for the negotiated pro-rated 90 day guarantee to become valid and effective. As of today, no payment has been received. Payment would have had to be received ...
Created on 26 January 2012
87. Top 3 ways to build online talent communities
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
Today’s professional staffing service providers need to look beyond merely compiling resume databases to fill positions. In a time when matching the right person to the right job is critical for ...
Created on 19 January 2012
88. Improve Employee Engagement - Prevention and Retention is the Key
... experts discussing and debating difficult issues about discrimination in today’s workplace environment. Company executives, hiring managers, recruiters, and human resource professionals from across ...
Created on 17 January 2012
89. Why Unions Are Bad For Companies, Employees and Customers
If you have ever read my blog you know that I am no fan of unions. They may have had their place in the past but not in today’s world. I have mentioned in my blogs on EFCA (Employee Free Choice ...
Created on 09 January 2012
90. The Story of One Person’s Struggle with Mental Illness in the Work Place
... These hundreds of thousands and millions of people are treated as “the untouchables” of today’s society. In biblical times, lepers were the “untouchables.” Lepers were required ...
Created on 26 December 2011
91. Three Tips for Retaining Your Top Employees
(Business / Client Dev / Marketing)
... of the better employees had jumped ship. The lesson in this is that you cannot communicate too much about what is going on. Employees do not like “mushroom management.” This advice is as relevant today ...
Created on 16 December 2011
92. Maintaining A Violence-Free Workplace Handbook- U.S Dept. of Health and Human Services
(Health / Safety / Risk Mgmt)
Today’s workplace has its own brand of bully. Instead of fists and feet, the adult bully uses an array of psychological tactics to exert control. But interestingly, adult bullies rarely view themselves ...
Created on 14 December 2011
93. How to Ace the Tough Interview Questions
(Career / Personal Development)
With unemployment still hovering at staggering levels, this is a great time to brush up on your interviewing skills.  Recruiters today are inundated with resumés that all look alike and have a tough time ...
Created on 04 December 2011
94. Managing Older Workers: A Solution For Skilled Worker Shortage
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
... Association (NRECA).  I’m very proud to say that NRECA and many of their members have been clients of my company Success Performance Solutions for several years. So I was thrilled today when ...
Created on 24 November 2011
95. Successful Recruiter Hiring: Realities and Actions
(Sourcing and Research)
... today at 850.424.6933 or email him at , he will take you to your highest billing goals.  ...
Created on 13 November 2011
96. Top Ten Reasons to Hire Veterans and Wounded Warriors
(General HR)
... how to properly elevate issues through the proper supervisory channels. Hands on experience with technology and globalization. Today's military uses the cutting-edge technology to maintain our dominance ...
Created on 10 November 2011
97. Developing Relationships with Your Most Placeable Candidates
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
... field. Then tell your MPC that as an industry consultant you have nothing specific to talk about today but you would appreciate knowing if the MPC every wished to change jobs, what he/she would consider ...
Created on 09 November 2011
98. How to Choose Recruiting Software to Ensure OFCCP Compliance
(Compliance and Legal)
... not enough to just consult an attorney (which clearly should be step 1). In today’s world, where applicants can easily apply to hundreds of openings with a few mouse clicks and each job attracts hundreds ...
Created on 03 November 2011
99. Rrevisiting Contingency Contract Hypocrisy – Part 2
(Business / Client Dev / Marketing)
... basis. He founded, the search firm he continues to operate today. Today his fees average $37,500 and he works on multiple positions in the $150k range monthly. His recruiter training site ...
Created on 18 October 2011
100. 6 Things Not to Do When Your Boss is a Jerk
(Career / Personal Development)
... Ever Need. Peter’s expertise has been featured by American Executive, Investor’s Business Daily, The New York Times, CNN, Bloomberg, and USA Today. Peter’s career takes him around the world as ...
Created on 17 October 2011

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