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1. Do We really have to tell you? Leave the Cel Phone alone during an interview.
(News Articles)
... years or so, and are displayed by about one in five recent grads. They're prompting recruiters to rule out otherwise qualified candidates for entry-level positions and delay hiring decisions. The ...
Created on 14 July 2018
2. Are Recruiters Exempt From FLSA Wage and Hour Laws?
(Compensation and Benefits )
Recruiters are often exempt from Federal wage and hour premium overtime requirements as exempt administrative employees.  However, as with all exempt employee determinations, their status is based ...
Created on 01 November 2016
3. Facebook Hacking (Searching for Job Titles and Employers by IDs)
(Sourcing and Research)
... that has become the program of choice for recruiters world-wide. By now the program has graduates from 16 countries in the world, and from companies such as Apple, Microsoft, PepsiCo, ...
Created on 24 August 2016
4. To your Successful Job Search
(Career / Personal Development)
... unfortunately some companies may ultimately blacklist these candidates.   Horrible thought isn't it? If they don't literally blacklist the candidate, recruiters ...
Created on 23 August 2016
5. It's embarrassing to be a Recruiter today. Recruiters Really Suck! A recruiter's Perspective
... a Headhunter, Recruiter, Talent Consultant, Executive Search. Whatever label we choose to give ourselves. Frankly folks, more in our industry SUCK as recruiters, and are doing more harm than good -- We ...
Created on 18 August 2016
6. 3 mistakes that job seekers do when doing salary negotiations...
(Career / Personal Development)
... limited to 75 of the highest performing recruiters in North America Fernando is also member of the American Chamber of Commerce and Member of the California Staffing Professionals Association. Contact ...
Created on 02 August 2016
7. Auditing the use of recruiting firms
(Health / Safety / Risk Mgmt)
... high level in the hierarchy. Hiring through recruiters when better options exist wastes money. Once the decision has been made to engage recruiters, consideration must be given to how many and which firms ...
Created on 16 June 2016
8. How Legal Hazards Occur in the Recruiting and staffing Placement Process
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
... which oversee almost every step of the duties we perform as recruiters on a Daily basis. Unfortunately, many of us would rather turn a blind eye to the issues that Dictate our daily functions in Recruitment, ...
Created on 08 June 2016
9. The Elusive Passive Candidate.. they do exist
(Sourcing and Research)
... recruiters?    Is there REALLY such a thing as a passive candidate, and what exactly is a passive candidate?   To many of us old timers, the Passive candidate is one that is someone ...
Created on 08 June 2016
10. Retained Search: Be CarefulWhat you wish for
... In contrast, the vast majority of contingency recruiters do their own research and screening to fill their job orders.   Regarding payment terms: A retained executive search is defined as an exclusive ...
Created on 08 June 2016
11. I Love You HR! Said No Recruiter Ever.
(General HR)
... talented individuals, we were locked in endless battle.  In some cases I saw mutual distrust, dislike and downright avoidance of each other.  I’m talking corporate in-house recruiters here (fellow ...
Created on 08 June 2016
12. “God, I hate recruiters”
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
... I hate recruiters”. There it was. What every recruiter suspects, but does not really want or expect to hear. It seems my friend had recently resigned his senior IT job and was seeking out a new role. ...
Created on 08 June 2016
13. Your Big Placement Just Blew Up. Your Biggest Biller Just Quit. Now What?
(Sourcing and Research)
... right to retain your best billing recruiters. You have a training program, benefits, 401K, aggressive compensation plan, company trips, personal concierges, etc. One day (probably the same day as the fall-off ...
Created on 08 June 2016
14. Answering the three most important job interview questions.
(Career / Personal Development)
... increased visibility to recruiters – getting the candidates past the recruiting ‘firewall’ and interviewed for faster hires and job placement.  Her tech-based knowledge of how the ATS software systems ...
Created on 08 June 2016
15. The 600 lb. position opening in the room
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
... candidates (ninety-seven percent of the candidate pool). Gen-X reports that recruiters often besiege them to the extent that their work now suffers. The old technology tools will not be more effective ...
Created on 08 June 2016
16. Surprise! You Shouldn’t Answer the Phone When Recruiters Call
  This has to sound like the stupidest idea you have ever heard. How can you get the job if you don’t actually talk to someone?   Even in today’s technological age when you can communicate ...
Created on 08 June 2016
17. Study proves that Facebook is not reliable as a hiring tool
(News Articles)
... of their Facebook Walls, Info Pages, Photos and Interests. The researchers asked 86 recruiters who attended the university’s career fair to review the Facebook pages, judge the fresh-faced seniors’ personality ...
Created on 26 May 2016
18. Expand the Supply of High-Quality Candidates
(Sourcing and Research)
... of your personal phone time. These include: 1. Networks. Many successful recruiters turn to all-purpose or niche market networks to augment their supply of candidates and increase their billings. (For ...
Created on 26 May 2016
19. Questions and Answers Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures - UGESP
(Compliance and Legal)
...  H.R, Employers, Recruiters - are you familiar with the O*Net Resource Center?    ##    ...
Created on 25 May 2016
20. Reference Checking in the digital age!
... contributing to the collective intelligence of the overall report.  The standardized, aggregated format of the Checkup surveys, combined with job-specific attributes and questions, provides the recruiters ...
Created on 19 April 2016
21. Apple Orchard Method of Candidate Development - the advantage of networking
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
... with less calls, better targeted calls, which will give us more focus, more time to spend being able to close.. Some of the more successful recruiters agree: you don’t have to lie and cheat ...
Created on 07 April 2016
22. The college degree is a useless overqualification
(Testing And Assessment)
... perspective.. in this massive world of ours, would it be fair to say, that ONLY approx 8% of the Active working Population have the ability to be Sales, "managers", IT Geeks, Recruiters, HR, ...
Created on 26 August 2014
23. Immigration Reform Bill Would Make It Easier to Recruit International Physicians
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
... physicians would be easier and faster. The net result would be more opportunities for internationally trained physicians and a significantly smoother path for recruiters who assist in the on-boarding process. ...
Created on 30 September 2013
24. Recommendations up or laterally may get you positively noticed.
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
... own excellent work performance and they may recommend you in return.  It often intrigues readers to link back to your professional profile to see your capabilities and experience. Recruiters ...
Created on 29 September 2013
25. Communicating for Results: Avoiding Miscommunications and Unnecessary Conflict
(Career / Personal Development)
... is likely to put them off completely. It’s critical to respond in a timely way, using the right tools, while also being cognizant of your audience’s needs. Now that the job market is softening up, recruiters/employers ...
Created on 11 September 2013
26. When you have been out of work for a while.
(Career / Personal Development)
... are not to help you find a job, but to find the right person for the position they need to fill in the least amount of time. Calling recruiters is not productive and you may get headhunters irritated at ...
Created on 08 September 2013
27. Survey Says: When compared with other professions Majority of Professionals rank Recruiters 3rd in Importance behind Doctors and Dentists
(News Articles)
The majority of mid-to-senior professionals deem their relationship with recruiters important, but are more loyal to a consultant than agency When compared with other professions, respondents rated ...
Created on 08 September 2013
28. Before you lose your job: Tactics to review before the change.
(Career / Personal Development)
... recommendations from clients, peers, or supervisors, as well as past employers. A profile with 10-15 recommendations looks like a ‘hot’ candidate to recruiters. If the boss questions a request, ...
Created on 18 August 2013
29. I Hate The Internet
... he got a fair offer. He’d take the job, I’d collect my commission, and everybody wins. Hiring managers didn’t have to be recruiters. They just had to know how to interview for their openings ...
Created on 18 August 2013
30. The difference between a resume, a bio, and curricula vitae.
... educational and academic backgrounds as well as teaching and research experience, publications, presentations, awards, honors, and affiliations. In the USA, recruiters don’t want the longer ...
Created on 28 July 2013
31. The Recruiters Lounge Podcast
The Recruiters Lounge Home   NEXT Page Go To Pages:  Home- 1- 2- 3- 4 - Last   TransferData/JimStd/ NEXT Page Go ...
Created on 28 July 2013
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
... to Franklin. Counteroffers are now rampant. One out of every 3 offers involving recruiters (i.e. candidates that were not looking for a job in the first place) are resulting in counteroffers in ...
Created on 21 July 2013
33. Keywords, the foundation of search.
(Sourcing and Research)
... we face as recruiters. There doesn’t seem to be much information available about the mechanics of keyword search for recruiters. This is because a template style for search string use has been ...
Created on 11 July 2013
34. 8 LinkedIn first-time user mistakes.
(Social Media)
LinkedIn is now becoming the norm for job seekers to post profiles as well as recruiters looking for and using the ‘inexpensive’ platform as a sourcing tool.  Recruiters are just as ...
Created on 01 July 2013
35. GAY RECRUITING - LGBT Staffing Critical to a Diversity Strategy
... GAY? Those recruiters and HR professionals that continue to consider people of color, women and the disabled peoples as the ONLY diverse talent pools “worthy” of their diversity attention ...
Created on 01 July 2013
36. The Candidate Pool is Larger than You Think
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
... seekers and recruiters under one digital "roof," it does nothing to make one candidate stand out over another. To that end, being flexible--in this case demonstrating the ability to relocate ...
Created on 28 May 2013
37. Stories of a Mexican recruiter negotiating with Japanese professionals & executives.
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
... recruiters in North America Fernando is also member of the American Chamber of Commerce and Member of the California Staffing Professionals Association. Contact Fernando : 619.421.7134 * Email ...
Created on 02 May 2013
38. The HR Department of 2020: 6 Bold Predictions
(General HR)
... will increasingly have to tackle the challenge of managing a remote workforce. Prediction 6: HR will need to become more like Marketing. As the war for talent continues, recruiters and the broader ...
Created on 30 April 2013
39. Use of the Internet for Recruiting and Screening Can Lead to Lawsuits for Failure to Hire
(Compliance and Legal)
As reviewed in detail in earlier blogs by Employment Screening Resources (ESR), the use of the Internet to screen and source candidates can get employers and recruiters into hot water. Surveys show ...
Created on 29 April 2013
40. Can Recruiters Be Liable for Employment Discrimination?
(Compliance and Legal)
Which is true?  -   Third-party recruiters can't be liable for discrimination in recruiting because discrimination laws apply only to employers. ...
Created on 15 April 2013
41. Could this be the "Misinformation Age?"
(Social Media)
... for eleven national publications monthly including her “Ask Barb” column in the Fordyce Letter.  She also writes the most widely read on-line newsletter for recruiters – the NO BS ...
Created on 28 February 2013
42. Tabs: The Quick Way to Improve Your LinkedIn Page
(Social Media)
... not convinced? Consider this: a recent Jobvite Surveyfound that 93% of recruiters used LinkedIn to recruit employees through job postings, personal networking and candidate search. As a result, 89% of ...
Created on 21 February 2013
43. The “T” Cover Letter – The Only Type Worth Sending
(Career / Personal Development)
... Does anyone actually read cover letters? I’ve asked that last question to a number of colleagues of mine who are both recruiters and HR people. The answers are all over the map. At one extreme, ...
Created on 12 February 2013
44. Broken Pottery, Broken Candidates
(Org Development)
... my value as a candidate was in question. This happened not only by outside forces (recruiters, hiring managers, etc.), but also internal ones. Oftentimes I would wonder, "What am I doing wrong?" ...
Created on 15 January 2013
45. Definition of Recruiting
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
... clients on the proper business protocol and etiquette of working with contingency recruiters. It’s dry humor is something every client should be required to read. He’s happy to help answer ...
Created on 02 January 2013
46. 10 years in your current role? You're stale.
(Career / Personal Development)
And stagnant.  Your resume probably reads like a job description. When recruiters and hiring managers stop being human, they'll stop having biases.  Biases can be all over the place, ...
Created on 06 December 2012
47. Want to get the job? Don’t make people hate you by stalking them.
(Career / Personal Development)
... I suggested that he do a search on LinkedIn for other financial services recruiters, reach out to them, and let them know the type of opportunity he’s seeking. He immediately called and wanted ...
Created on 18 November 2012
48. Headhunters: A Crash Course
(Career / Personal Development)
Explained in the simplest terms, headhunters, now often simply called “recruiters” or “staffing professionals” are utilized by companies to help them find candidates, often executives, but increasingly ...
Created on 11 November 2012
49. C-Level Focus on Changing Workforce
(Org Development)
... looking forward to IPO’s. Again, many have written- there are many factors affecting this, and none of which appear to be changing soon.  So, the question for employers and recruiters, ...
Created on 08 November 2012
50. Here’s My Advice to Middle Managers Looking to Move Up the Corporate Ladder
(Career / Personal Development)
... write a blog or get an article published. The more you make a name for yourself, the better the chances of being headhunted by recruiters who are looking for your skill set. Network often. Think about ...
Created on 06 November 2012
51. Do you practice Safe Facebooking?
(Career / Personal Development)
... “Maximizing Search Firm Success” recruiting training book is the first ever published for the purpose of educating clients on the proper business protocol and etiquette of working with contingency recruiters. ...
Created on 10 October 2012
52. A Job Board Doesn’t Work Alone
(Career / Personal Development)
... the traditional resume, hiring managers and recruiters can quickly determine whether these job seekers are a good fit, culturally, for the company. And, they can save time and money in the hiring process ...
Created on 28 September 2012
53. Make Sure to Comply With Immigration Anti-Discrimination Laws
Most professional recruiters today are no doubt aware that knowingly hiring or continuing to employ undocumented workers is a violation of U.S. immigration law. Violators can be assessed considerable ...
Created on 25 September 2012
54. Hired or possibly not: From both sides of the recruiting wall.
(Career / Personal Development)
... That applies to candidates and employers. I know how busy recruiters get. I also know how frustrating it can be to have to reach out to the hair dresser who applied for the Physician Assistant position, ...
Created on 18 September 2012
55. How much money do recruiters make?
(Compensation and Benefits )
Every now and again, I like to look at the average salaries for recruiters. Why? If recruiter salaries are declining, I know that the market is declining. If the salaries are going up, then I know that ...
Created on 24 August 2012
56. Please put the Human back in H.R
... forgotten to be honest with so many and even to ourselves about why we are recruiters, and who we affect with our actions? Especially as we continue to focus on Metrics? I have heard recruiters say – ...
Created on 05 July 2012
57. Legal Issues That Could Cause Trouble For Your Staffing Business
(Consulting and Outsourcing)
...  Some smaller to mid-sized staffing companies and independent recruiters engage the services of companies like Emergent ( to serve as the employer of the workers they recruit helping ...
Created on 21 May 2012
58. Is a recruiter is better than a Sourcer?
(Sourcing and Research)
Recently I was in a conversation with my old friend Karen Mattonen about Sourcers vs. Recruiters. I  heard her rant about how as recruiters we were sourcing before Sourcers even existed and how recruiters ...
Created on 09 May 2012
59. Key Traits of Great Recruiters
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
Criteria Focused:  Top producing recruiters, by either great training or hard knocks, have determined the key criteria of what constitutes a great search assignment or job order. They never ...
Created on 27 April 2012
60. Six Reasons Why Employers Should Use Recruiters
... recruiters fail to fully understand is their actions on behalf of the client can positively impact all three of these areas, attracting, hiring and retaining good employees.   Keeping this ...
Created on 09 April 2012
61. How to get a job in a stressed economy
(Career / Personal Development)
... qualified for the positions that they advertise. These are all legal reasons for companies not to consider your application.  Recruiters are worse.. see, we are paid by the client with specific ...
Created on 21 March 2012
62. Emerging Trends YOU Need to Know NOW in the Recruiting Industry-- Trends with Clients
(Business / Client Dev / Marketing)
Ignore them at Your OWN RISK!!! Part 2 Of  3 * Last week I wrote about how the recruiting industry is growing and evolving, yet I see many recruiters with their head buried in the sand!   ...
Created on 16 March 2012
63. Is that question Legal?
(Compliance and Legal)
... was a need now to get the Real Skinny on this one. What WAS the REAL Down Low? Are HR managers, recruiters, or hiring managers really prohibited in Asking what we had always been taught ...
Created on 28 February 2012
64. The Most Critical Skill Set for Recruiters Making Cold Calls is
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
In my previous blog post, I discussed the three things you MUST do during a recruiting cold call, and I presented an example of a cold call I received from "Suzy." Coincidentally, within ...
Created on 17 February 2012
65. Storyboard Your Recruiting Script
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
You can look at a job order like most recruiters, and see a classified ad. Or you can look at it like I do, and see an episode from The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Think about it. Every day, a zillion ...
Created on 15 February 2012
66. The Three Things You MUST Do During a Recruiting Cold Call
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
... The operative word here is "selecting", i.e. specifically why you are calling them. After personally observing hundreds (perhaps thousands) of marketing reps, consultants, and recruiters ...
Created on 13 February 2012
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
... to do a job any number of people with varying backgrounds can fill the role (of course you’ll have to determine if they can fit into your culture). In this instance, whereas the recruiters in the ...
Created on 08 February 2012
68. 10 speedy ways to ensure recruiters can find you on LinkedIn
(Career / Personal Development)
Recruiters often search for qualified job candidates on LinkedIn. Learn how they conduct such searches and how you can make sure they find you when they go looking on LinkedIn. How recruiters search ...
Created on 07 February 2012
69. The Socialization of Recruiting
... boards. Recruiters had access to a wonderful new world of online recruiting… sites like Monster, CareerBuilder and Dice where they could post jobs and have resumes come pouring into their inbox. The best ...
Created on 06 February 2012
70. Top 3 ways to build online talent communities
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
... than just job listings. Use it to communicate and interact with not only potential job applicants, but alumni, successfully placed talent, recruiters, and hiring managers. Consider using photos, videos, ...
Created on 19 January 2012
71. Improve Employee Engagement - Prevention and Retention is the Key
... experts discussing and debating difficult issues about discrimination in today’s workplace environment. Company executives, hiring managers, recruiters, and human resource professionals from across ...
Created on 17 January 2012
72. 2012: Ready…Set… HOLD!
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
... organizations, the HR Generalist may continue to assist in recruiting and staffing rather than hiring dedicated recruiters back (that may have been laid off in the past three years). -       In larger ...
Created on 06 January 2012
73. H.R, Employers, Recruiters - are you familiar with the O*Net Resource Center?
(Testing And Assessment)
The O*NET program is the nation's primary source of occupational information. Central to the project is the O*NET database, containing information on hundreds of standardized and occupation-specific ...
Created on 02 January 2012
74. The Story of One Person’s Struggle with Mental Illness in the Work Place
... [my] story on as a Viewpoint article next week.” In particular she thinks, “maybe H.R. and recruiters should be more familiar of what they often turn down ...
Created on 26 December 2011
75. How to Ace the Tough Interview Questions
(Career / Personal Development)
With unemployment still hovering at staggering levels, this is a great time to brush up on your interviewing skills.  Recruiters today are inundated with resumés that all look alike and have a tough time ...
Created on 04 December 2011
76. Successful Recruiter Hiring: Realities and Actions
(Sourcing and Research)
... and synergy among your recruiters that comes with the addition of another productive recruiter. Of primary importance is starting a recruiter hiring process based upon a solid understanding of the ...
Created on 13 November 2011
77. Developing Relationships with Your Most Placeable Candidates
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
... clients. Never-the-less, most recruiters do little or nothing to enhance on how they are perceived by their candidates and spend most of their time romancing clients and chasing "me too job orders."   ...
Created on 09 November 2011
78. Rrevisiting Contingency Contract Hypocrisy – Part 2
(Business / Client Dev / Marketing)
... the gentlemanly, unspoken and unwritten rules of conduct were turned upside down against our industry. Aggravating this was the fact that no professional organization representing recruiters (that I know ...
Created on 18 October 2011
79. Employee Retention & Attrition in Mergers/Acquisitions: Minimizing Risks of Employee Defection
(Health / Safety / Risk Mgmt)
... dominant voices to be those of recruiters calling in and reinforcing the natural fears of employees whose company is being acquired. “[T]he period following the announcement of the takeover is one of intense ...
Created on 30 September 2011
80. Could You Survive a Social Media Background Check?
(General HR)
... Employers should ensure they have fully researched the most current laws regarding background checks prior to initiating such practices, and they should train recruiters and hiring managers to conduct ...
Created on 29 September 2011
81. The impact of your rolling talent deficit (part 3)
(Training, Development and Retention)
... time frame because while many positions take more than a month to fill, after two months candidates become unavailable, disenchanted, or both, and recruiters are typically refocused on other positions ...
Created on 16 September 2011
82. Measuring your rolling talent deficit (part 2)
(Training, Development and Retention)
... 40-60 percent on your recruiters in addition to the hiring increase. How are you planning for that? Next up, I’ll talk about the impact a talent deficit has on your employment brand and recruiting efforts. ...
Created on 09 September 2011
83. 5 Reasons Why Recruiters Are Using Twitter for Recruitment — and why jobseekers should take notice!
(Career / Personal Development)
 #1 Twitter is free; and with the cost of business sometimes being a hefty burden, even recruitment firms can’t resist the charms of a no-cost, useful online tool. For recruiters seeing a decline in ...
Created on 05 September 2011
84. When Do You Stop Beating A Dead Horse?
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
... transfer or promotion has been explored and any possibility eliminated. Some recruiters don’t want to do this because they are afraid that they will lose the job order. But isn’t it better to lose the ...
Created on 23 August 2011
85. Can Your Company Survive An I-9 Audit?
Recruiters can gain great credit for finding and securing top international talent – and rightly so.   The whole world is a talent pool today, and  the  best  people  may  be  located down the street or ...
Created on 18 August 2011
86. Talent Acquisition Does Not Require Frustration!
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
... the financial food chain. You must face certain realities. The recession/depression/economic turn down (choose your favorite label) presented a long period where recruiters should have taken stock ...
Created on 15 August 2011
87. 6 Simple Ideas to Get 4 More Hours out of Each Day!
(Career / Personal Development)
... when your recruiters are asking questions, candidates are calling and you need to order staples to keep the office running?  Follow these SIX simple steps and you will add two to four hours of productivity ...
Created on 09 August 2011
88. The Employee Experience: Candidacy
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
... for anyone interacting with candidates (recruiters, administration, interviewers, line managers, etc.):   Ensure good interpersonal communications competencies for anyone interacting with candidates. ...
Created on 01 August 2011
89. For Engineers Who Hate Networking
(Business / Client Dev / Marketing)
... among the Top 7 Executive Recruitment Firms in Washington State by CEO Magazine. Gary is also a member of the Software Association of Oregon, IEEE, and The US Recruiters Network as well as hosts a technology ...
Created on 29 July 2011
90. Why Most Recruiting Firm Owners Business Plans Fail
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
... a day. In a new book, Strategy and the Fat Smoker by David Maister he discusses why most plans done in the professional service arena fail. My observation is that most business plans done by recruiters ...
Created on 11 July 2011
91. Teams Win - Solo Recruiters Struggle
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
... even though my observation is based on not necessarily the most scientific findings: I can tell from how many independent solo-recruiters ceased to earn a living and encountered serious, business (and ...
Created on 05 July 2011
92. Job Boards vs. LinkedIn?
(Recruiting and Candidate Dev)
... recruiters use their time screening qualified resumes but with an unemployment rate of 9.4% couldn’t we surmise that the high volume of online candidates is directly related to the number of people ...
Created on 30 June 2011
93. Are attending job fairs still useful for employers and job seekers in this electronic age of resume posting? (Part One – Advantages for Employers)
(General HR)
... recruiters in finding the best applicant for a position based on key skill words and queries they perform on those words. But they still attend job fairs for several reasons:  The employer is ...
Created on 28 June 2011
94. Recruiters - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS PART II –one lawyer's effort to summarize additional issues that may trouble you
(Compliance and Legal)
... other recruiters, and we all know these things are unenforceable, right? With the exception of a couple of states which prohibit enforcement of non-competes by statute, it is impossible to make a ...
Created on 29 April 2011
95. For Recruiters - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Part I – One Lawyer's effort to summarize the issues which Trouble you most
(Compliance and Legal)
... you, particularly when a temp tries to sue the client for an on-the-job injury. For more on this subject, see “Temporary Help Service Operations: A Legal Manual,” available from NAPS. I pay my recruiters ...
Created on 22 April 2011
96. Selecting Recruiting Software: Know Your Pricing Options It Could You Thousands
(Consulting and Outsourcing)
... this is the ideal option for companies who don’t intend to implement an employee portal. This would be a much lower cost over other pricing models when you only need to license your recruiters but this ...
Created on 12 April 2011
97. Ethics and Good Recruiting
... even when they are obviously inadequate.    Almost everyone involved with talent acquisition is squirming under pressure from hiring managers to find more qualified candidates. Recruiters ...
Created on 10 April 2011
98. Why are You Calling Me? - Effective Techniques in cold call clients or candidates
(Business / Client Dev / Marketing)
... hundreds (perhaps thousands) of marketing reps, consultants and recruiters execute basic marketing and recruiting calls, it is obvious that many do not know how to effectively open these calls. They have ...
Created on 03 February 2011
99. Why would anyone go the contract route when they are really an employee?
... -  A Contract Recruiters who is 1099’d making about  $100 an hour is actually making less than the individual who is W2’d and making say $70 an hour -- that's really true.  Why? well because ...
Created on 04 January 2011
100. Uniform Guidelines of the Employment Selection Process - UGESP
(Testing And Assessment)
... candidates? Need help to legally identify better skills? H.R, Employers, Recruiters - are you familiar with the O*Net Resource Center? ##      ...
Created on 15 December 2010

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