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95$ Million award to women who was hit on head with boss's penis

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A woman has been awarded $95 million in compensation in a sexual harassment case against her former employers.

Ashley Alford, in her mid 20s, won the award from her former employers Aaron's of St Louis after a manager allegedly attacked her in a stockroom, lifting her shirt and masturbating over her while holding her down.

Prosecutors alleged Richard Moore - who is still awaiting trial - would pinch Miss Alford and made inappropriate comments before the October 2006 attack and once sneaked up behind her while she sat on the stockroom floor and hit her on the head with his penis.

Miss Alford's lawyer David Ratner said: 'From what we can tell, this is the absolute largest sex harassment verdict in the country for an individual plaintiff.'

Miss Alford claimed the assault came after almost a year of escalating harassment in a work environment, 'rife with sexual jokes and lewd propositions.'

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Daily Mail Reporter

Aaron Rents Settles EEOC Sex Harassment Suit
Transcripts of the Case can be found here 
Alford v. Aarons Rents##

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